Criminal Boris Johnson lied to Parliament and to all of us. He HAS to go

Before we get to the latest developments, let’s remind ourselves of what Boris Johnson told us in March 2020. The important part is between one minute and 45 seconds and three minutes and eight seconds into the clip:

Let’s reinforce that message with this clip of Tory Party co-chairman Oliver Dowden, who was Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport at the time:

So we know that Boris Johnson knew that nobody was allowed to meet in a social situation of any kind on – for example – his birthday, June 19, 2020.

And that means we have every right to be outraged that Boris Johnson broke the rules that he announced to us, in order to attend a birthday party laid on for him on that date.

We know that he did break the rules that he himself explained to the rest of us because the Metropolitan Police Service has told us so – issuing him a fixed penalty notice for breaking those rules.

This means that Boris Johnson has finally achieved his place in the history books – by becoming the first UK Prime Minister to become a criminal while in office.

The fixed penalty notice he received is described as a criminal sanction, rather than being for a criminal offence, but the legal situation remains that Johnson is to be consider a criminal from now on.

But it’s worse than that.

The reason it is worse is that Johnson lied to Parliament – and to the nation.

He denied that any lawbreaking took place – on multiple occasions. This Site has audio of it, obligingly provided by the BBC’s PM:

Here’s a more complete video of the December 8 apology:

And here’s his apology from January 12:

As you can see, he has gone from absolute denial that any wrongdoing happened, to denial that he took part in any wrongdoing. And now we know that he did indeed take part in the wrongdoing.

He can no longer claim that he didn’t know he was breaking the rules; he announced them, he broke them, and then he lied about breaking them.

In the circumstances, if he really didn’t know he was doing wrong, then he is not mentally competent to occupy the office of prime minister.

The Ministerial Code, which governs the behaviour of government members, is very clear on the subject of intentional dishonesty to Parliament: anybody committing such an act must be removed from office immediately.

Yet Johnson seems to think he can deliver an insincere apology and carry on. And because, as prime minister, he is the ultimate arbiter of whether the Ministerial Code has been broken, you can bet that he thinks he’ll get away with it:

What do you think of that?

It’s not acceptable.

He committed a crime.

He lied about it in order to cover it up.

He has only apologised after the police forced him to admit it.

This is not prime ministerial behaviour.

And if he won’t go voluntarily, then it is up to us to force him out. If you haven’t contacted your MP already, do so. This Site will inform you of national petitions to force Parliament to adhere to its own rules.

4 thoughts on “Criminal Boris Johnson lied to Parliament and to all of us. He HAS to go

  1. jake

    so how much was he fined? betya lot less than Corbyn…and that hardly seemed fair to me when they had just changed the rules and not bothered to tell anyone yet…and whatever happened to right to jury trial and the maggie carter woman? even if Boris does end up with a full 10k bill…..still nothing to him as he has more than the means to pay! Wouldn’t surprise me if he had the nerve to stick it on expenses anyway…..

  2. Hecuba

    Little fascist dictator – yes little fascist dictator duck johnson is now a convicted criminal but he and his corrupt fascist tory MPs continue to support and protect this serial male liar and criminal!

    Previous MPs including John Profumo immediately resigned when their nefarious behaviour was made public but fascist dictator duck johnson refuses to resign!

    Shame on him and his fascist tory MPs who openly hold us peasants in contempt! Little england is now ruled by a fascist dictator and any semblance of ‘democracy’ ended when the fascist tories seized power.

    Fascist tory MPs claim ‘now is not the right time to force fascist dictator duck johnson resign because of the war in Ukraine.’ News flash the war in Ukraine does not affect little england and even if it did there is no justification for retaining a rotten, corrupt and convicted male criminal!

    France is holding their Presidential elections despite the war in Ukraine so therefore replacing one rotten corrupt and criminal is very easy but it would mean the fascist tories having to accept their party is rotten to the core!

    Little england is now a dictatorship and sadly far too many ‘peasants’ are apathetic and say ‘well it happened let’s move on there’s more important issues to consider!’ As if having a rotten, corrupt fascist dictator remain in power is just a trivial issue!

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