Good news: plan to gerrymander constituency borders for Tories is scrapped

Boris Johnson’s government has given up a plan to cut the number of MPs in the House of Commons. The Tories have been trying to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600 since David Cameron slithered into Downing Street in 2010. The aim was to change constituency borders in order to deliver Conservative-voting majorities to most UK Parliamentary seats for the foreseeable future. That plan was hatched when the Conservatives were unable to achieve a majority by themselves; Cameron’s first ministry was a coalition government with the Liberal…

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Constituency boundary changes: Unfair, undemocratic and unlikely to be approved

One of the few joys of the years since the Conservatives tricked their way back into office is their complete lack of success at gerrymandering the boundaries of Parliamentary constituencies to suit them. First they had to rely on the Liberal Democrats, who abandoned them when the Tories refused to support reform of the House of Lords. Now they have to rely on the Democratic Unionists, who have never supported the Tory proposals. The Tories are desperate to rig the next election as the average age of their party’s members…

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Is Brexit threatening the future of the House of Lords? No. It is offering YOUR money to Tories

The Conservative Party is really tying itself in knots over this. Apparently the plan is to flood the House of Lords with new members if those already there oppose Theresa May’s plan for an unscrutinised exit from the European Union. She doesn’t want anybody in the House of Commons to have a chance to veto any secret agreement her Brexiteer minister make, and she doesn’t want the Lords to block it either. But this puts Mrs May in an extremely difficult position with regard to another policy of hers –…

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A simple plan to get Labour back on track

If the Labour Party is to regain the confidence it has lost, it needs to re-state its identity with a core message of purpose – one that not only encapsulates what Labour is about, but also what it opposes. That is what was missing from Labour’s general election campaign, and is as much a reason for Ed Miliband’s defeat as the Conservative campaign, which was not based on objective facts but on political spin. In a nutshell, it is time to remind the voters and the public that Labour is…

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71 reasons to end Tory and Lib Dem government

It seems some people still don’t understand the threat posed to them by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats who are currently running the UK into the ground. Yesterday (Saturday) a commenter suggested that it might be a good idea to put up with another four years of the current catastrophe, in the hope that voters will be so sick of the situation by the end of it that they’ll support a properly Socialist government. That is an attitude born from naivete and a failure to understand the changes wrought by…

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