Court showdown for DWP over Errol Graham – who starved to death after his benefits were axed

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will have to answer questions in court about the legality of its safeguarding policies after a family challenged it over the death of a vulnerable man. The DWP ignored its own safeguarding advice to deprive Errol Graham of his benefits, This Site reported previously. Left with no income, Mr Graham starved to death. He had been receiving incapacity benefit, and then ESA, for many years as a result of enduring mental distress that had led to him being sectioned. The DWP stopped Mr…

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Try telling Errol Graham that ‘Black Lives Matter’. Oh you can’t – he’s dead

What? You think Errol Graham only died because he was ill? Your Conservative government is multiply-prejudiced and can ensure that people die for any number of trumped-up and ridiculous reasons. Consider this: Murdered by the State. Little news coverage. No public interest. No outrage, protests or riots. Some Black Lives Matter more than others. — Michael Marshall (@michael53021960) June 3, 2020 Fair point? Errol Graham was starved to death by a prejudiced Conservative-run benefit system. My report on Mr Graham states: He had been receiving incapacity benefit, and then ESA,…

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Unaffordable rents – arranged by Tories – are pushing low-income families towards homelessness

Nine out of every 10 homes for rent are too expensive for families on housing benefit or the equivalent, Local Housing Allowance – according to the National Housing Federation. The report finds that 94 per cent of private rental properties are unaffordable for families on Housing Benefit, or the equivalent Local Housing Allowance (LHA). It also found that 65 per cent of the families affected are in work – proving once again that the Tory mantra that “work is the best way out of poverty” is utter claptrap while they…

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Did DWP stop this woman’s benefit SOLELY to make her suicidal?

This story, broken today by Welfare Weekly, would be shocking if it wasn’t what we have come to expect from the Tory-run Department for Work and Pensions. It concerns Patricia, who has Ankylosing Spondylitis and has a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. A social housing tenant, she had been receiving Employment and Support Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, and Housing Benefit. Then the DWP stopped her Housing Benefit – suddenly, for no reason, and without telling Patricia. The first she knew of it was when her housing association told her she…

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How Tories have fun: Trying to starve and evict a disabled man

This story tells you all you need to know about the benefit system under the Conservative government: Just read about Chris, 54, who is going blind. He got an eviction notice after the DWP lost his sick note, stopped his benefits & deemed him ‘fit for work’. His electric was cut off & had to go to soup kitchens. He worked all his life just for the Tories to treat him like shit. — Rachael Swindon (@Rachael_Swindon) November 3, 2018 Rachael is right. The story of Christopher Brasil illustrates every cruelty…

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Tories sneak out continued benefit freeze behind announcement of royal engagement

Oh, joyous day! (That’s unless you receive Universal Credit, Jobseekers’ Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, Housing Benefit, or have the amount of your payments limited under the Benefit Cap, of course.) As the Royal Family announced the engagement of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, the Department for Work and Pensions decided it would be a good day to release some bad news – so ministers quietly published their proposed benefit rates for 2018-19. 10am: Royal engagement announced. 10.21am: Government confirms working-age benefits will be frozen for another year.…

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Help is available for people suffering Universal Credit-related money problems

Local councils have a duty to provide help for people with no income due to delays in Universal Credit payments – but they aren’t telling anyone. A Vox Political reader has written in as follows: “With Christmas on our doorstep, the Universal Credit roll-out is going ahead as planned with people being changed over at the beginning of December, which could leave families with little to no money for up to 12 weeks. “Please ensure that anyone you know who is struggling understands that THERE IS HELP. “If your money is…

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Anti-homelessness helpline now receiving call for help every 30 seconds

The Conservative Government is shifting its policy on homelessness – although whether it will be effective has yet to be seen. After years of laissez-faire slackness regarding the causes of homelessness that have seen huge year-on-year increases under David Cameron, his successor Theresa May has announced a change. From now on, local councils will be charged with preventing private landlords from throwing people out of their homes. There’s just one catch: Local councils are being starved of money by – guess who? – the Conservative Government. A helpline run by…

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Five things George Osborne doesn’t want you to mention about his spending review

Let’s mention them: Tory backbenchers cheered, but plenty of people will be hit. As experts look for the devil in the detail, here are five changes already causing alarm. 1. Grants abolished for nurses Student nurses are to have their grants cut and will instead have to take out loans to pay for their tuition fees. A saving of up to £800m a year for the Government, some would-be nurses have already been put off. Katie, who planned to enrol on a postgraduate diploma in adult nursing next year, told…

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At last someone in the Labour Party is speaking up on political issues

… and it’s John Healey! Who’d have thought it? His article in yesterday’s Guardian makes a lot of sense (although obviously he doesn’t go far enough in his suggestions. Labour never does, these days). At least he’s making the right noises – pointing out that the Conservative Government’s plan to cut social security by £12 billion will harm people who are trapped by failing markets for housing and jobs. Think about it – cutting social security means people will be more insecure. That’s probably why Tories prefer to call it…

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