#ToryLawBreakers: the 340 MPs who voted like sheep to turn the UK into a rogue state

It is as This Writer predicted – despite the many contradictory justifications Boris Johnson provided for his international law-breaking Internal Market Bill, no fewer than 339 of the 363 other Conservative MPs voted with him to ruin the UK’s reputation for many years to come. You can read some of the arguments against Johnson’s nonsense Bill here. And Labour’s Ed Miliband made a spectacular speech trashing Johnson here. But it was not enough to stop hundreds of Tory MPs following Johnson mindlessly through the “Aye” lobby. Clearly they had been…

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Johnson threatens to remove Tory whip from MPs voting against his Brexit Bill. Deja vu?

It is indeed reminiscent of last year – but back then, Boris Johnson was trying to coerce his colleagues into voting to uphold his EU Withdrawal Agreement. Now he’s trying to coerce them into voting against it. What a vacillating political vacuum he is. He’s gambling on enough of the 2019 Parliamentary intake being so stupid that they think loyalty to their leader is more valuable than loyalty to the law. It isn’t. The fact is that anybody voting to break international law will have a stain on their reputation…

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Is Starmer self-isolating because one of his children has Covid symptoms? Oh, the irony!

Labour leader Keir Starmer has announced that he is self-isolating because a member of his household has developed symptoms in line with those of Covid-19. He’s being very coy about the identity of the person with the symptoms – because it is potentially highly embarrassing for him. Is he referring to one of his children? They are, I’m told, 10 and eight years old and will have returned to school at the beginning of the month – as Starmer himself demanded. Yes and all Sir Licksbootsalot offered was👇I am beginning…

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David Cameron regularly broke international law when he was prime minister. Why the change of heart now?

  He’s saying the right thing – but for the wrong reasons, and it is still a grotesque act of hypocrisy. I refer, of course, to former prime minister David Cameron, who regularly, during his time as prime minister of the UK, broke international law but is expressing concern at Boris Johnson doing the same now. You don’t remember? Allow me to remind you that the United Nations ruled that Cameron’s government broke the law to deliberately harm people with disabilities. And he broke international law to attack Libya too.…

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Johnson’s first Attorney General condemns his plan to betray EU withdrawal agreement

That’s scuppered the claims that the row over Boris Johnson’s plan to break international law is a last gasp of the so-called ‘Remainers’, then. Geoffrey Cox – a devout Brexiter – was Attorney General when Boris Johnson signed his EU withdrawal agreement in January. His announcement that he will not support Johnson’s Internal Markets Bill is proof that the controversy extends much further than the established battle lines. The story broke in The Times, which is behind a paywall. However, the East Fife Times has this: Boris Johnson’s former attorney general, Geoffrey…

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The Bar Council has laid into Suella Braverman so let’s all join in

The UK’s professional organisation representing barristers has accused Brextremist Attorney General Suella Braverman of sacrificing the UK’s reputation, sidelining legal advisers and bypassing the ministerial code. At its annual general meeting, members of the Bar Council asked Braverman how she thought the UK’s Tory government could retain “a shred of credibility” in imploring other countries to follow international law after revealing its own willingness to breach agreements. Here’s The Guardian with details of the festivities: Five QCs confronted the attorney general during Saturday’s meeting, telling her that a crime which broke…

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Going, going, Gove: the Tory hypocrite who’ll break international law but demands we obey his ‘Rule of Six’

Michael Gove appeared on breakfast TV, to demand that we all – including our children, obey his government’s new prohibition of social gatherings of more than six people. Why should we obey this, when he went on to admit that the government itself will break international law and turn the UK into a rogue state that no other country will trust? I don’t have a clip of him calling on us to obey the ‘Rule of Six’ – which is a stupid demand that won’t stop the now-uncontrollable spread of…

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Brexiteers’ justification for breaking international law on Brexit is illiterate. Why hasn’t Braverman resigned?

In trying to humiliate a leading Remainer – and justify its own contempt for international law – Boris Johnson and his government have made the UK a laughing-stock once again. And our Attorney General, Suella Braverman, should be offering up her resignation. Rather than uphold the rule of law, she has sided with a government that intends to break it, turning the UK into nothing better than a rogue state. Almost as bad, she offered as justification for this lawbreaking a Supreme Court ruling that Parliament is sovereign in domestic…

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Did Boris Johnson axe international development department so he could misuse its cash?

Boris Johnson is being urged to forget his plan to scrap the Department for International Development on the grounds that money would go to the wrong nations. The DfID is being merged with the Foreign Office but whereas the DfID has spent a majority of its budget in the poorest countries and has a reputation for transparency, the same cannot be said for the FO – especially under Boris Johnson. When he was Foreign Secretary (between 2016-2018), it was in the middle of spending £84 million on China – which…

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United Nations warns UK could be breaking international law over cladding

What do you think the Conservative government will do about this, considering it is now three years since the Grenfell disaster and the Tories haven’t lifted a finger to replace flammable cladding on thousands of other tower blocks? This Writer is willing to bet we’ll hear a load of flannel about the UN not doing its job properly – or misinterpreting its role in some way, and some minister – probably Robert Jenrick – will make some sabre-rattling suggestion that it should keep its foreign nose out. You know how…

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