Libel case: After Rachel Riley goes quiet, her follower starts abuse campaign against Vox Political’s Mike

You may have been wondering why there haven’t been any updates on the crowdfunding campaign to oppose Rachel Riley’s libel accusations. There hasn’t been much to say. After she lost her bid to hold a premature hearing on her application to strike out part of my case (and mine to strike out part of hers), Ms Riley seems to have calmed down for a while. Partly this may be because she was caught touting for her followers to tip her off about people against whom she could launch more court…

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This will be awkward – IF Riley libel case gets to court

Take a look at this: I’m not going to comment on the behaviour of the person named as “Tim” in the exchange above, but part of Rachel Riley’s case against me is that it wasn’t “targeted harassment” when Tracy-Ann Oberman sent 18 tweets to a terrified schoolgirl … within a single hour. And those were just some of the dozens of tweets she sent to the same girl over a 24-hour period. I’m looking forward to seeing them explain their way out of that one. But it won’t happen unless I have…

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Rachel Riley is caught in a contradiction: it seems it IS about money after all

What do you think of this apparent hypocrisy? Last year, announcing that he had been hired by Rachel Riley and Tracy-Ann Oberman to prepare lawsuits against people they said had libelled them, lawyer Mark Lewis said: “This is not about money… They’re not looking to enrich themselves by taking legal action. They’re looking to stop vile lies.” You can read him saying it very clearly in The Guardian and also in Metro, The Mirror, the Evening Standard, the Daily Star and other news outlets. How interesting – because if it isn’t about money, the following reason for…

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Jane got justice in Rachel Riley court case – will Vox Political’s Mike get the same?

Rachel Riley has withdrawn her libel case against Jane Heybroek, and it seems they will pay part of her costs in an agreement that – surprisingly – does not include a demand for confidentiality. Here’s Jane’s statement on Twitter: We did it! ❤️🌹 Thank you to every single one of you who has supported me over the past months. It has been quite a battle. Please read the following statement, and share. Please, especially, note the last part of it, and be kind. xYou are all amazing.Qui audet vincit.…

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Court date for Mike – but look what Rachel Riley’s doing in the meantime

After considerable discussion, the High Court has decided the next hearing in Rachel Riley’s libel case against me will happen on November 6. If you think the only fireworks that week will be the night before – or the night after – you may be surprised. This will be the hearing on Rachel Riley’s bid to strike out all – or part – of my defence, that she was desperate to force into a courtroom before the end of July. So, what’s she planning to do with all the spare…

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A small victory as judge in libel case postpones Rachel Riley’s ‘strike out’ bid

Rachel Riley’s attempt to drain my funds – by demanding that the High Court holds an early hearing on her libel case against me – has been foiled.​ She wanted a court to hear her application to strike out part of my defence before the end of July, which would have hugely strained my entirely-crowdfunded budget for the case. But I argued that the court must treat us fairly – as detailed in my previous update – and a judge has agreed. The application will be listed in the next…

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Haste for hearing on Riley libel application – to drain Mike of all his funds?

The High Court has suggested that an application by Rachel Riley to strike out part of my defence against her libel claim should be heard before the end of July – despite the fact that this will create a huge strain on my funds.​ There is absolutely no urgency for this application to be heard and there is likely to be no shortage of urgent cases that could take priority over this one – and there is no date before the end of July on which both my solicitor and…

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Here’s why it costs so much to fight a lawsuit brought by Rachel Riley

I’ve just had the monthly bill from my lawyer. It clears me out of everything that you have raised and leaves me owing a few hundred pounds – with the huge extra cost of a court hearing looming, possibly this month. This is the reason Rachel Riley has made her application to strike out parts of my defence against her ludicrous accusation of libel, of course; she knows she doesn’t have much chance of success – but defending against it will cost me a huge amount of your money. That’s…

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Riley libel case: she’s trying to buy justice again – will you help me stop her?

Rachel Riley seems determined to tell the world that she wants to buy justice – so who am I to get in the way? Let’s discuss her latest tactic. You’ll be aware that she has launched a court application to strike out all or part of my defence against her claims. It will cost up to £17,000 for me to defend myself against this part of her court action alone. The High Court has indicated that it may have time to consider the application in July – meaning I would…

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Anti-Semitism ‘campaigner’ in racism outrage – and an URGENT APPEAL for help

Tracy-Ann Oberman should be well-known to readers of these updates. After the teenage girl at the centre of my case was engaged in an argument over anti-Semitism with Rachel Riley – and had been subjected to appalling abuse by her followers, Ms Oberman sent dozens of tweets to her – all on the same (school) day – inviting her to a meal in London (as recounted in this article). The poor teenager, who suffers from anxiety, was terrified at this unwanted attention, which she could only conclude had an ulterior…

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