I was in Bosnia in the 1990s. Boris Johnson’s comment about Muslims there is an outrage

I don’t care if he wrote it 23 years ago – Boris Johnson should have been apologising to Bosnian Muslims ever since. Writing about the Srebrenica massacre, which happened 25 years ago today (July 11), Johnson stated in 1997: “They weren’t exactly angels, these Muslims.” It’s yet another example of England’s Shame being unable to hold his tongue, therefore proving his imbecility to the world. Let’s go over the details for those who may not be aware of them: a quarter of a century ago, Serbs led by Ratko Mladic…

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BBC defends decision to put Islamophobic white-nationalists on discussion of Christchurch massacre

Who can keep up with the proliferation of racist, far-right political organisations since the Conservatives slithered back into office in 2010 and started spreading divisive propaganda everywhere? Political austerity tends to give fascism an opportunity to take root in a society and the UK may well become a textbook example of the phenomenon for historians of the future. The Tories themselves have encouraged this rise, with their acts of hate against people who are sick and/or disabled, job seekers, immigrants – and descendants of immigrants, and foreigners in general. Now…

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Mainstream news media broadcast video of Christchurch massacre – then condemn social media livestreaming

Can you smell the hypocrisy here? Certain mainstream media organisations – naming no names because I don’t want to encourage anybody to look up this material – broadcast extracts from the live stream of the Christchurch killings earlier this week, and then condemned the social media for allowing live streaming. Perhaps somebody should make these organisations aware of their own cynicism, in using this highly-offensive material as clickbait – enticing viewers to their websites with footage of this nature. We might also point out the self-interest inherent in their demand…

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Here’s why people are afraid to denounce the genocidal brutality of the Israeli regime

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And some, it seems, examine the worst horrors with notepad in hand, keen to work out how they can achieve the same and get away with it. So we come to the atrocities of the nation of Israel. If the people of Gaza, imprisoned behind the apartheid wall imposed by Israel, may be likened to the inmates of a concentration camp – and I think they can… And if their only defence against the Israel Defence Force thugs…

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