Are bookies targeting disabled people?

If bookmakers allowed one severely disabled man, feeding his gambling addiction until they had taken everything he had, how many others are getting the same treatment? The Guardian is reporting that Ladbrokes Coral and Paddy Power are accused of fuelling Liam McCarron’s gambling addiction until he had squandered his compensation from a botched operation that left him severely disabled. It is alleged that they helped him fill out betting slips as he frittered away his payout. By the time he was eventually barred from gambling, his losses amounted to half…

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Medical experts warn that government Covid-19 antibody tests are probably duff

How typical of the Tory strategy on Covid-19 that the blood antibody tests that cost them £16 million might not work: Senior medical specialists have raised concerns about the accuracy of the antibody tests being carried out on NHS staff across the country. The blood tests – which can tell whether someone has had Covid-19 – were previously described by prime minister Boris Johnson as “game-changing”. The government has spent £16m buying some 10 million test kits from pharmaceutical giant Abbott and Roche with the first phase of the testing…

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Coronavirus: The Tories’ catalogue of failures means people who should have lived WILL die

Those of you who have been following This Site over the past few days will have read article after article exposing the failures of the Conservative government – firstly to anticipate, then to combat the coronavirus crisis. So it should come as no surprise that these failures have ensured that NHS workers and people who contract Covid-19 will die, who should be saved. And the pedigree of the man making that claim should not be doubted: Richard Horton is the editor of what is possibly the most highly-regarded medical journal of…

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NHS medical records handed to O2 to predict mental breakdowns – isn’t this against the law?

This looks like a huge data protection breach. The Tory government, which runs the NHS in England, should have sought permission from patients before handing over their records to a commercial organisation – anonymised or not. The fact that this information only became public knowledge via a Freedom of Information request makes it even worse because the Tories have been hiding what they have done. Are you a patient of Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust? If so, I strongly suggest that you get together with other patients,…

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Martial law plan for post-Brexit Britain shows This Site was right again

I know it’s a dodgy source – The Sunday Times – but if it is accurate, the claim in that paper that the Conservative government is preparing to declare martial law marks the third in a series of correct predictions for Vox Political, despite the claims of some readers. People told me Jaguar Land Rover was making decisions because of wider economic reasons than Brexit – until a press release from the company made it clear that uncertainty over that situation was directly responsible for the decision to halt production for an extra…

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Is G4S really the right choice to run sexual assault referral centres?

Let’s get one thing straight – G4S promises us that Theresa May’s husband Phillip has nothing to do with the company. Fine – so why does this inept and dangerous organisation keep winning plum contracts from the Conservative Government? Only today (December 16), the Prison Service had to take over Birmingham Prison because of what appears to be a riot – that this security-based company cannot control. If G4S can’t control rioting prisoners, why is it running a prison? This is the latest in a series of cock-ups that go…

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DWP blamed by second coroner for incapacity benefit claimant suicide

So you thought Mary Hassall was the only British coroner to have blamed a benefit claimant’s death on the DWP? Think again. To This Writer’s shame, the case of Julia Kelly was reported in This Blog, earlier this year – but I did not recall that Northamptonshire County Coroner Anne Pember’s report had conferred responsibility for her death on the Department for Work and Pensions after the case of Michael O’Sullivan was reported last month. Mr O’Sullivan committed suicide in late 2013. North London coroner Mary Hassall, at his inquest…

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This ignorant Tory councillor had better try justifying the deaths his party has caused

What follows should make you very angry: An ignorant Conservative councillor has attacked an opponent in the Labour Party for tweeting an entirely appropriate comparison between Iain Duncan Smith and Adolf Hitler. Yes, Cllr Ashley Dearnley, leader of the Conservative group in Rochdale – it was perfectly appropriate for North Middleton Cllr Chris Furlong to tweet a picture of Hitler above one of Iain Duncan Smith and imply that the Conservatives may be responsible for the deaths of more disabled people than the Nazi leader – that is what the…

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DWP bases benefit decisions on allegations about the assessors’ character rather than evidence

This Writer was amazed – yes, dear reader, amazed – to discover a new wrinkle in the DWP’s web of deceit, while writing a letter in support of a friend’s appeal against an Employment and Support Allowance decision. My friend – who has multiple conditions, both physical and mental – had been placed in the work-related activity group nevertheless, and at 2pm yesterday, Yr Obdt Srvt was staring in astonishment at the DWP decision-maker’s professed reason for doing so. It was the same for all the descriptors: “I place greater…

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Vox Political on LBC radio to discuss DWP lies

Vox Political’s Mike Sivier (that’s me) will be appearing on LBC radio at around 1pm to talk about the revelation that a coroner ruled that a man died as a direct result of being involved in a work capability assessment organised by the Department for Work and Pensions. Thanks to the Daily Mail, we now know that the deceased was 60-year-old Michael O’Sullivan, of Highgate, north London, who took his own life six months after being found fit for work. The Atos assessor never asked him about suicidal thoughts and…

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