‘I said this, but I meant that’ – Osborne admits lying to electorate in TV interview

  George Osborne has admitted that the Conservatives lied to the electorate in their pre-election manifesto, claiming that they would reduce the Benefit Cap to £23,000 per year, when in fact this only applies in Greater London. The rest of the UK will lose £6,000 from the current cap limit, meaning their income will be capped at £20,000 per year. Of course, Osborne didn’t actually say he had been lying, when he spelt out his latest piece of oppression to Andrew Marr on television yesterday (Sunday). Politicians never admit lies,…

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Cameron cold-shoulders calls to limit commercial corruption of MPs

The Labour Party is banning its MPs from holding paid directorships and consultancies, to ensure that their only interest is their duty to their constituents. Labour MPs and Prospective Parliamentary Candidates have been put on notice that, from the coming General Election, the party’s standing orders will be changed to prevent them holding such second jobs. The measure, which Ed Miliband has confirmed will be included in the party’s manifesto, would ensure no Labour MP holds a paid directorship or consultancy. Labour is also consulting on legislative measures including placing…

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