‘I said this, but I meant that’ – Osborne admits lying to electorate in TV interview



George Osborne has admitted that the Conservatives lied to the electorate in their pre-election manifesto, claiming that they would reduce the Benefit Cap to £23,000 per year, when in fact this only applies in Greater London.

The rest of the UK will lose £6,000 from the current cap limit, meaning their income will be capped at £20,000 per year.

Of course, Osborne didn’t actually say he had been lying, when he spelt out his latest piece of oppression to Andrew Marr on television yesterday (Sunday). Politicians never admit lies, even when they’re blatant. Instead, they’re happy to present themselves as fools.

If the government had any imagination, it would eliminate the deficit by stimulating the economy, but economic output has dropped by something like eight per cent since Conservatives took office in 2010 – because austerity has choked off the money supply to businesses.

George Osborne will be quite happy with that. He doesn’t think anybody deserves to have money – other than the Conservative Party’s big business friends and donors.

Benefit payments to families living outside Greater London are to be capped at £20,000 a year.

In the first Conservative budget for 19 years, George Osborne will say that the previously announced figure of £23,000 will only apply to families living in the capital in a further cut to the welfare budget.

Disclosure of the additional cut came during the chancellor’s appearance on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, in which he claimed to have found the £12bn of welfare savings promised by the Conservatives as part of their plan to eliminate the deficit in the public finances.

Source: Osborne announces cut in benefits cap to £20,000 a year outside London | Politics | The Guardian

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23 thoughts on “‘I said this, but I meant that’ – Osborne admits lying to electorate in TV interview

  1. Michael Broadhurst

    he also came out with the well worn tory phrase we’re all in it together.
    wonder when he’ll be collecting his groceries from a food bank.

  2. Tony Turtle

    The Tory leadership will only be happy when the elderly, the frail, the vulnerable, the poorest in our society are no more, then they can claim to be in charge of a “good society”. David Cameron’s own words will strangle him eventually!

    1. hugosmum70

      well i for one don’t intend to give him his wish if i can help it. just hope God agrees with me and leaves me alone for a few more years..

  3. Brian F Kirkham

    Hmmm…I know it’s a bit of a rarity in his particular constituency, but surely there will be residents affected by this miscalculation by the chancellor and his colleagues? #wheelscomingoff

    1. john kettle

      Yes, there will.
      I have the misfortune to live in his constituency and, contrary to public opinion, there are plenty of people who don’t have two ha’pennies to rub together.
      The Tatton constituency also has foodbanks.

      1. Ian Buchan

        John still your area still manages to elect this neo Nazi with a whopping majority. ‘ electoral reform’ IS badly needed.

  4. Nick Fourbanks

    that is what happened in Egypt back in 2013 where there was deception by Morsi’s government Muslim Brotherhood and they had to be overthrown by the police which is the correct move

    deception to get into power should always be severely punished with a life imprisonment and it’s pity we in the uk allow that type of deception as left unchecked the government would go on to kill thousands of innocent people

    anyone in government who has any ulterior motive in the forming of a government to feather his own nest or that of his family and friends is committing a crime and that does apply to the UK i’m told

    The great thing about Egypt now is that having been brutalized for years by Hosni Mubarak the police are overall in charge and that may not be to everyone’s taste but if you have the likes of Cameron around and IDS / Osborne etc the police being in charge overall is a blessing as it keeps those politicians to their pledges where they have to spell out BEFORE getting into power whats on the agenda and sticking to it

  5. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    I realize that I do not have a PhD in any subject but I am not quite a village idiot Mr. Osborne, and I do object to being taken for a fool and I am sure the same contempt applies to a great many in this country which needs to return to proper democracy which means honesty and openness.

  6. Lec

    The present cut of £12 billion is not the whole cut. This is in ADDITION TO£12 billion cuts already imposed.

  7. Susan A Bear

    The saying that the rich get richer and poor get poorer, is so true with the Conservatives. I have yet to find one manifesto promises that they have kept, oh apart from reducing the higher tax bracket.

  8. hugosmum70

    QUOTE FROM ABOVE: In the first Conservative budget for 19 years, UNQUOTE

    If this is the conservatives first budget in 19yrs, exactly WHAT were those things they’ve been calling budgets every year or less for the past 5 years or so? i’m confused

      1. hugosmum70

        oh right. ok. was still them manipulating it all. don’t think clegg had a lot of choice at times. at least for first 4 years then he grew some (tiny ones admitted) and tried but too late.

      2. Ian Buchan

        Yeah Mike but it would have been much better for all including the Liberals had they offered coalition with Labour when offered. I reckon the election could well have turned out different this time around and better for all.

      3. Ian Buchan

        I feel that it is unjust that the rest of the UK are suddenly over £100 a week worse off while London is let off with less. It was very sneaky only to mention that now as it may well have affected the election result.

  9. Tony

    If the government had any imagination, they would completely overhaul the monetary policy currently controlled by international bankers and return it’s control back to the people, stopping the issue of all money as debt is the key,

  10. Steve Grant

    All politicians are liars…….why can’t people get this through their heads?

  11. Shane

    They are lying scum and I mean ALL party’s Don’t trust politicians, never have and never will.

  12. AM-FM

    He also said:

    “Well you know when we introduced the benefit cap actually 30,000 people at least went into work because it’s a cap that applies to people who are out of work.”

    He of course provides no evidence that it is the cap that somehow helps people find work, over the last 2 years millions who are not capped have moved into some sort of work. He’s getting as bad as RTU.

    “It’s not correct to say that 30,000 people have moved into work after having their benefits capped.”

    pdf of the interview

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