Who’s laughing now? DWP loses six-year fight to discriminate against victims of domestic violence

Remember when Iain Duncan Smith laughed with pleasure at putting a rape victim in fear for her life? He had used the Department for Work and Pensions to persuade a court that she had to pay the Bedroom Tax on a panic room installed in her house to prevent further attacks against her. As a result of the ruling, she was evicted from the house and Duncan Smith laughed with joy when he heard the news. Since then, the people of Chingford and Woodford Green have re-elected him as their…

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Humiliation for DWP after years-long Bedroom Tax bid to persecute a rape victim

I said it defied belief when this story first broke. And I said it was sickening when, hearing of the terror he was causing a rape victim by using the Bedroom Tax to make it too expensive for her to keep a ‘panic room’, Iain Duncan Smith laughed. Well, it seems the last laugh is on him. This is a story that began in 2014 – the DWP has been torturing a rape victim for five years. The woman, resident in a three-bedroom property with her 11-year-old son, has been…

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Man arrested after terrorising staff at office of Jess Phillips. Did they use the panic room?

Years ago, I criticised Jess Phillips for installing a panic room in her office – on the grounds that her own poor behaviour had attracted unwanted attention to her. I wrote that I hoped she had not demanded that the work be funded by the public purse. Her attitude continues to put people off – as evidenced by the following response to her entirely justified criticism of Boris Johnson’s choice of language in Parliament: You're right, but I'll take no lectures from Jess Philips. pic.twitter.com/Le4waHIXQv — Ray (@Armsman47) September 26, 2019…

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Sickening: Court gives Iain Duncan Smith the last laugh on rape victim’s Bedroom Tax eviction

Judges at the Supreme Court should hang their heads in shame after they gave Iain Duncan Smith another reason to laugh at the plight of a rape victim. The woman identified as ‘A’ didn’t have a panic room fitted in her house to protect her from a “violent partner” – as the BBC report I quoted extensively below puts it. She was a rape victim who needed it to protect her against any further attacks. When it was revealed that she was being evicted from that house because of the…

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Iain Duncan Smith laughed at rape victim’s plight

How much longer must we tolerate this spiteful little thug? From LabourList: “A victim of domestic violence – for her own safety, she’s known only as A – is taking the government to court. The reason? Because she’s being hit by the Bedroom Tax. “The ‘spare room’ that the government want to penalise her for having is a specially adapted ‘Panic Room’. It’s there to provide a safe space for her and her child if her abusive ex-partner – who has raped and assaulted her – tries to cause her…

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