Iain Duncan Smith laughed at rape victim’s plight


[Image: Keith Lindsay-Cameron.]

How much longer must we tolerate this spiteful little thug?

From LabourList: “A victim of domestic violence – for her own safety, she’s known only as A – is taking the government to court. The reason? Because she’s being hit by the Bedroom Tax.

“The ‘spare room’ that the government want to penalise her for having is a specially adapted ‘Panic Room’. It’s there to provide a safe space for her and her child if her abusive ex-partner – who has raped and assaulted her – tries to cause her further harm. It has been specially adapted as a safe and secure space by the police.

“And yet the government want to hit her with the Bedroom Tax, because – as far as they’re concerned – she’s not making full use of her ‘spare’ room.

“Unfathomably, Iain Duncan Smith is defending the DWP and the government – having argued (without success) at a hearing in June that it should be dismissed.

“Today Ed Miliband rose in the chamber to challenge David Cameron on this grotesque case – the cherry on top of the disgusting Bedroom Tax cake. And what did the Prime Minister do? He defended the decision. He claimed that money had been made available for such cases.

“And yet if that’s the case why is A having to go to court to defend her own home? To defend her own safety? To defend her child?

This government are willing – way beyond the point where any rational person has departed from their argument – to argue in favour of the Bedroom Tax. The lives ruined and the families crushed under the weight of this draconian legislation are collateral damage. And all because they’re unwilling to accept that there simply aren’t enough affordable homes in the UK – or do anything about this fact.

“And how did Iain Duncan Smith, the villain (quite literally, a villain) of this piece react to Miliband’s questioning? According to Labour MP Fiona O’Donnell, the response of the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions was to laugh.



As Ed Miliband spelled out the horrendous case – which this government are responsible for, caused and defends – of a woman trying to stay safe from her abusive, rapist ex-partner, Iain Duncan Smith laughed.

If you were trying to sum up the ills of this government in one simple act, that laughter might just be it.

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42 thoughts on “Iain Duncan Smith laughed at rape victim’s plight

  1. NMac

    Ian Duncan Smith is a nasty, despicable, loathsome bully and a fraudster who, with his millionaire wife, blatantly embezzled parliamentary expenses, by concocting a false story that his wife was being employed as his secretary. Among the witnesses to say that his wife never ever had a job was Duncan Smith’s constituency agent. This man and his wife should have been properly investigated by the Fraud Squad and put on trial for obtaining money by deception.

    1. Mr.Angry

      NMac sadly that will never happen the despicable “B” is to well connected, consider all the evil brought on by this shower of tyrants over the last four years. Has one of them been brought into question. “NO” and they wont they are untouchable.

      When you hear of individuals stealing food because they are starving and then prosecuted says it all.

      Think back on the sentence’s handed out by the judiciary after the riots over the top like I have could not believe and then interred for years at tax payers expense.

      We will always be kept down by scum like this, remember they are wealthy we are just stock to them.

  2. Andy C

    I was having a conversation about IDS yesterday and came out with these 9 following points…. your post will now make it the 10th

    1) his CV was discovered to be a lie by the BBC – http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/pressreleases/stories/2002/12_december/19/newsnight_ids_cv.shtml

    2) Then there was Betsygate – concerning how his wife was on the payroll for not doing anything – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betsygate

    3) he talks about having a spiritual epiphany at the Easterhouse estate in Glasgow .one which has lead to the self justification to the most shocking changes in welfare, which we see the results of on an hourly basis – http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2013/09/iain-duncan-smith-had-epiphany-and-it-meant-nothing

    4) there was a reality Tv programme on ch4 (Tower Block Of Commons) where political folks stayed for a week on a council estate he didn’t even make it 24 hours (don’t even think he stayed the night with the family he was placed with)

    5) There was an “audience with Duncan Smith” held at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall in 2005 which attracted an audience of only 67 people. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iain_Duncan_Smith

    6) Also he is on record as bullying his staff (around the time of the Betsygate scandal) – http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200304/cmselect/cmstnprv/476/476we17.htm

    7) Iain Duncan Smith said: “Work makes you free” (yes he really did say that it’s mentioned in the link of no.8)

    8) and looks like he’s got links with the far right too – http://tompride.wordpress.com/2014/06/13/iain-duncan-smiths-historic-links-to-the-far-right/

    9) big questions concerning this person Phillipa Stroud who was his advisor and now runs the Centre for Social Justice that IDS set up back in 2004…. 2 links



      1. Andy C

        There’s a quote that is now attributed to Karl Rove but i think is core to the mindset of those in power at this time, makes for a chilling read

        “…. That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.

        from wikipedia

  3. Florence

    This is a defining moment when anyone who might need to be shown the difference between Labour and Tory should listen hard at that laughter, because it encapsulates the entire policy toward poor, ill, unemployed, disabled and above all vulnerable members of our society.

    It is a microcosm of the shoulder shrug ideology when those being robbed live in terror (physical, financial and emotional) to allow the Myleene Klasses’ to feel hard done by on £11 million. It is the society that allows those with millions to have press exposure for their complaints about taxes merely proposed while millions will shiver, and many thousands face eviction, this winter.

    There are no words to describe this government, but there is a burning hatred they are stoking (on both sides) that may soon ignite. That laugh may be the final act of declaration of Class War, in the HoP.

    1. liveintherealworld

      This is a defining moment when anyone who remembers how labour changed the law to make it harder for rape victims and victims of abuse and domestic violence to defend themselves or have their abusers prosecuted. I was one victim of the last governments campaign to have abuse victims ignored, why is it only under the current government that historical abuse is finally being dealt with? Grow up and check your facts before declaring a class war based on one mans’ inappropriate actions.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        While not condoning legal moves to make it harder for rapists to be prosecuted, I think it is important to remind you that – at last count, three years ago (due to this government’s continuing cover-up of the facts) – at least 200 people have been dying – that means they’re dead, gone, not coming back and completely unable to defend themselves against what happened to them or seek redress for it – every week because of the current government’s policies.
        It is entirely inappropriate for you to use your grievance against Labour over one matter to defend the current government – and this is a government policy; Duncan Smith is the man pushing it through but they take collective responsibility – over the other.

      2. Florence

        I’m with Mike on this. If you are an abuse survivor, I would think you need sympathy, but your attack based on a wilful misinterpretation of my post does not elicit sympathy. If you’re defending this government – and I don’t guess how IDS laughing at a rape victim can merit such support – then widen your gaze, and see the poverty, hunger and death these policies have rained down on people in the UK. The dead are their victims, no-one else’s.

        This is class war – declared by IDS, Cameron and the Eton cabal and the Establishment running the UK for their own gain, at the expense of the vulnerable. And that’s not my opinion, it is that of many writers and economists.

        That’s the same establishment (you seem to confuse with Labour) for their role in covering up abuse. But that’s not the discussion for this thread. Try David Hencke or Exaro

  4. wildswimmerpete

    Hopefully this scumbag government will get the boot next May, when Smith should not just have the book thrown at him, but the entire bloody library. Fraud, embezzlement and crimes against humanity.

  5. Mr.Angry

    I truly believe what goes around comes around and this evil piece of DNA can not hide behind his armed security forever. Atrocities of such magnitude will not be forgotten and I hope I live long enough to see justice take place the sooner the better for all of mankind.

  6. #ids

    any links to this of the vile man laughing as i watched it live and and never even seen him there in the chamber ? not saying he was not there but there are no videos or stills of it laughing ?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You’re utterly at the mercy of the cameras in the House of Commons, I’m afraid. If they weren’t pointing at him at the time, then there won’t be any pictures of it.

    2. Jonathan Wilson

      He always hangs around near the doors, so he can make a quick exit and get to the bar first after PMQ’s. Quite a come down after sitting on the PM’s front bench to being relegated to the doors…. just goes to show that despite camoron not kicking him out of office, he now disregards him so much he’s not allowed near the cameras as he is such a liability.

  7. Joan Edington

    I very rarely watch parliament live these days. I just feel too sick at the sight of those Tory p***ks guffawing at all the misery they are causing and enjoying. I hope their day will come and the sooner the better.

  8. Richard Otto

    This is Orwell’s 1984, surely. I just cannot believe that such a pusillinamous lying creep such as IDS is in such position of power. Army Captain? No empirical evidence from those in the military. No rational dignity, giggling under his sleeve or swatting away the casualties caused by his policies like flies. Stand up! Be a man and explain yourself! Oh sorry, I forgot, you’re a worm.

    But who hired this worm-git and still hasn’t sacked him on the grounds of general uselessness? We know what we’ve got to do in May. Vote or revolt and awaken the people on moral and intellectual grounds.

    1. Richard Otto

      Oops sorry! The word is spelt ‘pusillanimous’. I admit my mistake and ‘trying to be all clever’ unlike someone we could mention.

  9. robinmcburnie

    Seems whenever something vile that IDS is responsible for is raised, or debated, in Parliament he reacts the same way. Laughter, usually followed by scurrying feet as he flees the house and avoids reality.

    It would be interesting to see him handcuffed to a plain chair, with a light shining in his face and being asked the hard questions, in the full knowledge that he wouldn’t be allowed out till he told the truth and stopped trying hide the evidence (which he’s not very good at anyway).

    He’s such a weasel I reckon he’d crack within 20 mins.

  10. Peter Cunliffe

    I now honestly believe that paedophiles are better people than Ian Duncan Smith. how is family can live this perversion of a skin filled with sh*t. the smell alone.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I wasn’t going to let this one through, on reasons of taste, but… Some people might agree with you, Peter – and that should be indication enough of how low this creature, and the Tory Party, have become.

  11. keltyk

    The Tories know exactly what they are doing. The suffering they inflict is part of long-term social cleansing as part of Neo-Liberal agenda. This means destroying the Welfare State in any Western country where it exists. All money must filter up to the super rich; all surplus population must die and the best way to achieve it is to ignore and starve them; with a complicit media in tow. Social housing must be turned into profitable business and even gentrified as far as possible. Housing shortages ensure rents and property prices keep increasing. Immigration helps this process. The indigenous UK working class have to compete with low wage, superior migrant workers or step aside and die.
    It is not possible they can be doing what they do through blind stupidity. Neither they, UKIP, Labour, Lib Dems or other establishment Neo-Liberal organisations on the corporate pay-roll.

  12. Thomas M

    Laughing at a rape victim is pretty disgusting. I think he’ll have to have bodyguards for the rest of his life, as there must be a lot of people out there who really dislike him.

    1. wildswimmerpete

      “I think he’ll have to have bodyguards for the rest of his life” He already has 24-hour armed cover at his home and everywhere he has to go. I doubt Mister George Smith will have a quiet life even after he retires. He’ll be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his natural, even should he leave the country.

  13. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady

    I truly hope that this behaviour by IDS is the turning point and that we can all laugh at him when he (along with the rest of the chinless wonders) are ousted in 2015.
    He really is, without exception one of the most despicable people I have ever had the misfortune to come across.
    To continue to defend the indefensible and put this poor woman through more stress as a result of the court case is just unfathomable. He must have a swinging brick where his heart should be.

  14. Nick

    if IDS was laughing then we the public need to see the picture and the likes of Guido will need to report it on their blog

    it shouldn’t be like that as to me all of the main blogs are equal but society as a whole wont agree with me so therefore IDS can do as he pleases and get away with it

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Who cares what Guido does? I showed you all yesterday that he publishes nonsense.
      As for the image – the Facebook link for the LabourList article that I quote had a picture of IDS laughing (although the article did not). I’ve included it in the Vox Political repost of the article.

      1. Nick

        i agree mike Guido does post nonsense and it’s very selective but their views are held by the majority of the public in private a make up of extreme views from UKIP and the conservatives and at the end of the day labour are far from home and dry and that needs addressing and fast

        if labour held your views mike that would at least halt any decline in their ratings

      2. Nick

        i speak as i find mike because when leading the country you have to be mindful of other countries and fit in and if you cant you should stay out of politics

        it’s not a game in fact it’s so serious today that only diplomats should be in the frame worldwide for the leadership of their countries

        all decent people worldwide have the same thought process and every effort should be made to identify greatness in people and push them into politics as i feel we can’t go on and on as we have been the last few years

        you yourself mike have always come across as a balanced reporter of news and your views are shared with all other decent people worldwide

        if we stay as we are with the likes of David Cameron in charge then we give oxygen to the likes of ukip which in turn makes the world a very unsafe place to live

        at the end of the day immigration is here to stay as it is in most countries worldwide and the only thing that needs addressing is the entitlement to reside in the uk and that is all

        most countries worldwide have the correct procedures in place for immigration already so all we need do is to follow the other countries problem solved end of story

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Nobody’s ripped me off. That’s the original article. You’ll notice that mine says: “From LabourList”, and the name of the site is a link. It takes you to that very page. I was short of time this morning but believed the issue to be very important and wanted people to know about it, so I reposted the LabourList article. The idea is that people can read the story on their site if they want – or browse other stories there. Usually I would not have posted everything up to the end of someone else’s article, in order to encourage readers to visit their site, but this one was written in a way that made this difficult.

  15. marcusdemowbray

    Vile arrogant stubborn deaf-to-reason psychopathic thick devious vain sadistic dishonest murderous evil cruel vindictive bullying treacherous mendacious obnoxious hectoring bureaucratic savage heartless callous hostile amoral hypercritical irrascible….the list is endless. No adjectives exist to do justice to this most miserable waste of planetary resources.

    If…IF his reforms saved money and if…. IF they worked there might be a saving grace to this odious dunghill’s work, but his reforms have cost billions of EXTRA pounds, mostly paid to foreign corporations and some of these do not even pay full (or any) UK Taxes, they have caused bureaucratic chaos and incredible backlog in the Courts.

    Total and utter failure in every respect.

  16. Eijnar

    I am NOT defending IDS,he is a dreadful creature who deserves to be strung up.But I do wish that the people who support Labour would take the time to explain WHY Labour’s publicly admitted policy of encouraging mass immigration was a good thing for the INDIGENOUS BRITISH WORKING CLASS!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Your question has nothing to do with the subject matter of this article. Why are you trying to raise it here?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’d prefer it if you linked to the original source – the LabourList article. Credit where it’s due.

  17. Mike Sivier Post author

    Ian Duncan sent this reply. Unfortunately another commenter has complained about an offensive word in his avatar. Rather than continue causing offense, I’ve decided to repeat his words in a comment of my own. I won’t keep doing this forever though, Ian, so if you want to continue being seen here, please change your avatar to one that won’t cause offence!

    Ian Duncan writes: IBS really is a bizarrely repellent individual, like he styes himself as an amalgam of the worst Bond villains and then some.

    He clearly isn’t right in the head and the same goes for Gidiot Osborne. They both have that look in their eyes, like they’re looking for a puppy to kick or something.

    Given the incompetence of the two of them, it makes me think they have something on Cameron, who, although he is an unspeakable wanker, is not as bad as these two.

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