More than 600,000 jobs lost – so 45 fat cats can increase their wealth by £25 billion?

Covid-19 has had remarkably divergent effects on people, depending on their status in our society. At the bottom, more than 600,000 people have lost their jobs: The number of paid employees in the UK fell by 449,000 between March and April 2020 and early estimates suggest that a further 163,000 people lost their jobs in April. It is believed that this number would have been much higher if not for the Government’s furlough scheme, and other support measures introduced to help businesses. But with this scheme due to be wound…

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Newly-elected Tory MP runs food bank app that charges charities £180 when they use it 

This is the great new nation that 14 million people voted for. What a travesty. Newly-elected Tory MP Miriam Cates makes her money running an app that ostensibly helps food banks. Each local food bank must register individually – at a cost of £180 each. I think we can conclude that this Tory won’t be doing anything to end the poverty crisis that her fellow MPs have created! Source: Foodbank app run by newly elected Tory MP charges charities to use it | The Independent Have YOU donated to my crowdfunding…

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Inquiry demanded into claims Boris Johnson backers will profit from ‘no deal’ – and it can’t come soon enough

The Labour Party has demanded an independent “conflict of interest” inquiry into Boris Johnson, over claims that the prime minister’s backers will profit hugely from a “no deal” Brexit. John McDonnell, shadow chancellor, has written to the UK’s most senior civil servant, Cabinet Office secretary Mark Sedwill, calling for an investigation into alleged collusion with currency speculators. The demand is based on comments by Mr Johnson’s sister Rachel and claims by former chancellor – now an Independent MP – Philip Hammond that speculators were investing in “short” positions – betting…

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Did you know that the Tories are seducing English GPs into an American-style health system – RIGHT NOW?

I’ve only just found out about this and it is scandalous. The Conservative government is pushing a new “GP contract” on local medical practices in England, demanding that your family doctor should sign up to the creation of “Primary Care Networks” based on a US-style model of “integrated care”. The traditional doctor/patient relationship will end. You will lose the right to see your GP. Continuity of care will end. Your GP may think they are signing up for something better, as doctors are being promised more money and more nursing…

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Opposition to Labour’s plan for business is a real shot in the foot for the UK’s economy

You’ve got to hand it to Britain’s business leaders – they really know how to de-motivate the workforce and undermine the economy. Labour’s John McDonnell announced a policy that would hand workers an interest in their employers’ success – and an average dividence of £500 a year – and what did the bosses do? They announced that they would do everything in their power to sabotage such a plan. How savage. How selfish. How sickening. I heard it on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme just after 6am, as I was taking Mrs…

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Philip May had a financial interest in bombing Syria – claim

Opponents of the Conservative government have spent years looking for a conflict of interest between Theresa May and her husband Philip’s work. It seems we may have found one at last. Consider this: “Philip May [husband of UK prime minister Theresa] now works as an investment relationship manager for the Capital Group. [His job] has opened the powerful couple up to suggestions of conflicted interests. “The Syrian air strikes are a perfect example of how companies can profit from acts of war. It is clear that Philip May has an…

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In the crap-ita: Government contractor responsible for benefit assessments is in deep financial doo-doo

Of course we shouldn’t gloat about financial troubles that will affect thousands of people’s jobs. But Capita is responsible for assessing the fitness for work of thousands upon thousands of benefit claimants, with targets (hidden by the government) to knock a huge proportion of people off the books, so maybe we can be forgiven in this instance. At mandatory reconsideration, we know that the Tory government set an 80 per cent target for refusal of benefits. That means thousands of innocent people have suffered for no reason – many of…

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Ex-cabinet ministers accused of telling China how to cash in on Brexit in C4 ‘sting’

Tory sleaze. But is this the story the Sunday Times dropped for its fake news about a left-wing purge of Labour MPs? A political storm erupted … over claims that three former Cabinet ministers secretly tried to earn thousands of pounds in a ‘cash for Brexit’ scandal. The senior politicians were lured to a luxury Mayfair office where they were secretly filmed discussing being paid for telling Chinese tycoons how to make money out of Britain leaving the European Union. Those targeted were ex-Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, former Chief Whip Andrew…

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Hypocrite Theresa May and Tories took £50,000 from firm that bet on Carillion’s failure

The hypocrisy is appalling but nobody should be surprised by the information. Corrupt Tories are happy to take money from anyone, and won’t care that it comes from the collapse of a company they were paying to provide public services. It’s all part of their belief system: Privatise profit… Nationalise debt. Theresa May has been branded a “total hypocrite” for accepting £50,000 from a firm accused of making money off Carillion’s failure. Naya Capital Management UK, which made the generous donation to the Tories a week before the general election, is one…

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The ultimate insult: Tory privatisation means European state-owned rail firms profit – not you

We’ve established that the citizens of the UK – whether we use trains or not – are subsidising rail companies by nearly £4 billion a year. We’ve also established that £3.5 billion of that money is used as profit by the railway operating companies. Now you have proof that most of the £3.5 billion goes to German, Dutch and French nationalised railway services. It makes their services better while we are given trash. This is the ultimate result of Conservative privatisations. They LOVE it! Tories don’t care where your money goes,…

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