A teenager DIED on the Channel and racists are revelling in it. Is this how we want the world to see us?

Yes, people in other countries see us as xenophobes and racists. A Sudanese 16-year-old was apparently trying to cross from France in an inflatable dinghy when he accidentally punctured it with a shovel he was using as an oar. His body was found on the shore at Calais. Home Secretary Priti Patel said the death of the young migrant was a “brutal reminder” that people smugglers exploit the vulnerable. But there is no evidence that people smugglers were involved. The Home Office has refused to comment on the death. Oh, and…

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Boris Johnson’s Tory racism inquiry has stalled – and he’s demanding moral authority over us

Look at the state of this: An inquiry into racism in the Conservative Party has yet to begin eight months after it was launched by Boris Johnson, prompting protests that it has been “kicked into the long grass”. The investigation has still not issued a call for evidence – three months after that was promised – amid criticism of the academic chosen to lead it and doubts over the resources made available. Johnson persuaded the Equality and Human Rights Commission not to investigate Tory racism because the party was going…

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It seems the UK’s Equalities watchdog is a racist organisation. How can we believe its report on Labour?

A common tactic among right-wingers, when a document is about to be published  or a claim made that attacks them, is to undermine the validity of the issuer of that document in some way beforehand. We’ve seen that happen many times over the last few years, haven’t we? Often the critical claims have been proved untrue later. Consider all the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn. Now, with the Equality and Human Rights Commission soon to release its report on alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, that organisation is being buried under…

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Hypocrite Theresa May pretends she’s not a racist – but we must judge her by her actions

Some of you are going to find this hard to take. Watch this, if you have the stomach for it: "I fundamentally believe that you should not be stopped on the streets of our country simply because of the colour of your skin" Former Prime Minister @Theresa_May tells @Sarah_Montague. "Sadly, we're seeing some of the figures go back up again" https://t.co/Hk1GDUCMM4 | pic.twitter.com/MDkhyFTwhH — The World at One (@BBCWorldatOne) July 9, 2020 You’re probably thinking of the Windrush scandal, that demonstrated ample evidence that this two-faced Tory had no interest…

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Black MP Dawn Butler forced to close office because of racist violence

Labour’s Dawn Butler has been forced to close her constituency office due to a torrent of racist abuse and vandalism that escalated after she voiced her support for Black Lives Matter. It seems bricks have been hurled through the windows of the office on High Road, Willesden, and staff have been attacked inside. She said the continual security risk, alongside spiralling rent costs, forced her to close the office. But she assured residents that her constituency work is continuing as normal. Quoted in the Evening Standard, she said: “I continue to…

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Police smash car window of black man returning from TV interview about police racism

Is it any wonder black people react badly to the police when this is the way they can expect to be treated? Once again, we’re seeing racism from the Metropolitan Police. Where is the commissioner of that “service”, Cressida Dick? Why is she not ripping out the racism, root and branch? And what about City of London Police? What’s their excuse? Look at the state of this: When an officer smashed in the window of Ryan Colaço’s car, after he was wrongly accused of concealing drugs, they did not know…

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Bungling Starmer is stumbling through one race-related fiasco after another

Keir Starmer is now in serious trouble. His tone-deaf description of Black Lives Matter as a “moment” – along with a series of other race-related mishaps – has upset a multitude of voters – not just black or from ethnic minorities but everybody – and heralded a mass exodus that he seems ill-equipped to stem. And the mass media are full of stories about it. Here‘s black, working-class woman – and now-former Labour member – Evie Muir in Metro: When Starmer took over this year, I was open to the change…

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Liar Johnson won’t take the knee, saying he doesn’t do ‘gesture’ politics. When has he done anything else?

[This is one of three connected articles. This Site is also examining the responses of Keir Starmer and Dr David Starkey to Black Lives Matter; none of them come out smelling of roses.] What a bizarre thing for Boris Johnson to say! Is he testing our credulity? Here’s the story: Boris Johnson has said he would not take the knee, a symbol of support for Black Lives Matter protests, saying he does not believe in “gestures.” Speaking on LBC on Friday morning, the prime minister said, “I do not believe…

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Racist historian dropped by publisher and university after shocking interview remarks

[This is one of three connected articles. This Site is also examining the responses of Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer to Black Lives Matter; none of them come out smelling of roses.] Racist historian David Starkey has been dropped like a hot coal by his publisher and university after expressing “abhorrent” views in an interview on the far-right YouTube channel Reasoned. HarperCollins will no longer publish the historian and Canterbury Christ Church University has terminated his role after he said “slavery was not genocide”. Starkey told right-wing commentator Darren Grimes: “Slavery…

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More Tory racism: Priti Patel wanted to deport girl so she could be subjected to genital mutilation

Dept of calling-a-spade-a-shovelling-instrument: this decision shows that Priti Patel wanted to send a girl away to have her genitals cut – because her victim is of Sudanese origin. Ms Patel refused to grant asylum to the girl – aged just 11 – in the knowledge that she would be returned to an area of Sudan where the prevalence of female genital mutilation (FGM) is 97.7 per cent. The mother’s claim for asylum was rejected after Home Office officials deemed she lacked credibility. But it later transpired through family court proceedings…

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