25 jobseekers for every job on Tory government’s own website

Do the Tories really intend to penalise people for failing to get work – according to Universal Credit rules – when there are so few jobs available? Thanks to Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, and their government’s inability to manage Covid-19 properly, there are now 2.3 million UK citizens claiming Universal Credit. Sanctions have been reimposed so they must follow the rules and go after the jobs that are available – no matter how unsuitable, or indeed distant. The situation is absurd – as the Frank Zola blog pointed out while…

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Hypocritical Tories verbally attack human rights abusers – but go on selling them weapons

How utterly disgusting. The Conservative government has made a great show of imposing sanctions on human rights abusers – while still selling weapons to the same people so they can continue abusing others. The UK’s poor excuse for a Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, announced sanctions against individuals in Saudi Arabia, Russia, Myanmar and North Korea including asset freezes and travel bans, imposed immediately. “Those with blood on their hands won’t be free … to waltz into this country, to buy up property on the Kings Road, do their Christmas shopping in…

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Take part in the online day of action against Universal Credit sanctions

Today – July 1 – conditionality and sanctions return to the UK’s benefit system. This means the two million people who signed up for Universal Credit because of the Covid-19 crisis will now be expected to show they are looking for work, and will be sanctioned if they fail to do so. For the first time, they will experience what – for example – people with disabilities have suffered under the Conservatives for the last 10 years. Some people are about to be rudely awakened from their previous complacency, I…

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Covid-19-related Universal Credit claimants will face sanctions for first time

If you’ve claimed Universal Credit as a result of the Covid-19 crisis – brace yourself! From June 30, you’ll be under threat of sanction if you can’t prove you’re actively seeking work. The Tory government is reimposing the threat of sanctions as it lifts lockdown restrictions – because Boris Johnson and his cronies intend to use the stick to get us back at work rather than the carrot. A lot of people are about to realise how awful claiming #UniversalCredit is #covid19 https://t.co/5WNbCEv4Wg — Charlotte Hughes. The Poor Side Of…

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Suspend benefit cap to protect disabled people in coronavirus crisis? It’ll never happen under Tories!

It’s a good, solid, practical suggestion: with disabled people most at risk of financial loss during the coronavirus crisis, the government should suspend the penalties it has imposed on them in the last 10 years. These include the benefit cap and the “two-child policy” for benefits relating to children. Also suggested by the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) is conversion of the Universal Credit advance loan into a non-repayable grant. In fact, the DBC requests the suspension of all debt repayment deductions from UC. And the organisation calls on the government…

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Promises on disability and social security show Labour has listened

The Labour Party has paid attention to the people and published a manifesto that promises to end many of the injustices that the Conservative government (with the Liberal Democrats between 2010 and 2015) introduced. This Writer feels duty-bound to tell you that reading the chapter on Social Security was an uplifting experience on many levels, as so many of the subjects This Site has highlighted have been tackled. Labour will scrap the Department for Work and Pensions. This Site said the DWP had become so badly damaged by the culture…

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It’s David Gauke and the government that need to change their behaviours, not poor people | Politics and Insights

The state of this: We have been over this ground time and time again. The Tories are misusing ‘nudge’ theory to justify their claim that people will do what they want, if given the appropriate… incentive. But they have plenty of information proving that it doesn’t work in this case. The only reason Tories continue to deny the evidence is: They want to. They want people to suffer. They want people to starve. And they want people to die. Why is this such a hard thing for voters to understand?…

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‘Cause for concern’ after Dundee Job Centre sanctions most clients in Scotland | Evening Telegraph

Campaigners are calling for answers after clients of Dundee’s job centre were revealed as the most sanctioned in Scotland. Jobcentre Plus, at the city’s Wellgate Shopping Centre, has issued 8,999 of the measures since October 2012, with 382 handed out in the last year alone. Critics say sanctions — stopping or cutting claimants’ benefits if they fail to meet agreed commitments, or miss appointments — can plunge already vulnerable people into crisis. Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) bosses have been urged to explain why the Dundee office has given…

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Benefit sanctions on North Wales job seekers ‘hitting most vulnerable’ – like everywhere else, then

This is how the Tories are getting away with their attacks on benefit claimants – everyone thinks it only happens to other people. People in North Wales didn’t start having their benefits sanctioned unjustly when Plaid Cymru started running its study – the DWP has been carrying on in this entirely scurrilous manner for years, just as it has everywhere else in the UK. And yet the Daily Post gets to report the Plaid Cymru findings as though it never occurred to anybody that it could happen in North Wales.…

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Tories’ ‘tails’ are ‘tweaked’ over non-response to benefit sanctions review

The Conservative Government released its response to a major review of its policy on benefit sanctions today – so quietly it almost qualifies as silence. Fortunately for those affected, there is a vocal Opposition Party sitting in the House of Commons once more, and even Speaker John Bercow agreed that the way the matter had been handled offered a “prime-time opportunity to tweak the Government’s tail”. The government was responding to the Work and Pensions Select Committee’s report, Benefit sanctions beyond the Oakley Review, which set out more than two…

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