Israeli invaders murder eight Palestinians in Jenin; they are defended by tin-eared MPs

Hard to believe: as Israeli troops murder more Palestinians, the UK government is trying to remove our right to protest against the occupation of Palestine.

This is one instance in which the timing of an event is tragic.

The Israeli government always says it is defending that country when it launches these attacks – but This Writer finds it hard to believe when these operations always seem to take place on Palestinian soil (for an obvious example). These anti-terrorist operations never seem to happen in Tel Aviv – do they?

Consider also:

The reference to Russia and Ukraine is timely. Russian troops are known to have treated Ukrainians in invaded territory in ways that are more or less universally considered abhorrent, yet Israelis apparently avoid assessment by the same yardstick when they attack and kill Palestinians, including children.

And on the day when the latest Israeli atrocity comes to light, MPs in the UK were being asked to support that country by banning local authorities from campaigning against it, boycotting its goods or sanctioning it.

The wording of the legislation tries to obscure this by saying it’s about stopping councils pursuing their own foreign policy agendas but the upshot will be that local democracy will be overridden by a central government diktat ordering councils to support a country that has invaded a neighbour and is slowly destroying it.

Critics say the Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill is inconsistent with longstanding UK foreign policy towards the Occupied Palestinian Territories because it specifically names them, along with Israel and the occupied Golan Heights (Syria), as places for which the Bill’s provisions must apply.

This undermines longstanding UK government policy that calls for an end to Israel’s military occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

In other words, councils that follow a boycott, divestment and sanctions policy against Israel over its occupation of Palestinian territories are in fact in line with UK government policy.

The situation is worsened by the fact that the Bill makes provision for its restrictions to be lifted with regard to particular countries, with Russia and Belarus as named examples.

That didn’t stop the usual useful idiots from standing up to support Israel:

How is it anti-Semitic to use economic means to express discontent with an oppressive political regime? It isn’t.

Thankfully, there was at least one voice of reason – and it was also the usual one:

Mr Corbyn spoke about events in Jenin during the debate:

He wasn’t the only one, either:

(In fairness, it seems other good points have been made in the debate – such as the possibility that the Bill will attract animosity towards Jewish members of the community, under the pretense that they represent the one nation that appears to be exempt from any criticism at all.)

The result of the vote (which has not taken place at the time of writing) will be revealing – although possibly not in the way some MPs hope.

It will show us which of them think it is okay to undermine UK democracy to support invading murderers. We should use that information to remove those MPs at the next election.

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4 thoughts on “Israeli invaders murder eight Palestinians in Jenin; they are defended by tin-eared MPs

  1. Elijah Traven

    You’ve reversed the truth and made your lie worse by this universally acknowledged nonsense. Russia in the overall operation in Ukraine has treated prisoners very well. Ukraine has committed unspeakable violence against Russian prisoners. I’ll tell you this nothing. In one of the battles for Artemovsk known as Bakhmut the Ukrainian captured a lot of Russian soldiers. They murdered them all. Prigozhin gave the order of battle the next day ‘Kill all prisoners’. The British media is deliberately getting things the wrong way around just as they did if you recall notoriously in the miners strike. Beware of the fogs of war. Russia throughout this operation has treated Ukrainian prisoners very well but the army on the ground is composed of human beings and having their comrades who have been captured alive, injured or otherwise, mercilessly gathered together and butchered on the spot, would test the patience of saints. Ukraine tortures all the prisoners it keeps alive and keeps them alive for one purpose, to exchange them for their captured prisoners who are not as a general policy decision subjected to torture. Ukraine tortures and murders prisoners as an act of terror, to put fear into combatant soldiers. They also enjoy this and employ the scum of the earth in their prison holdings to carry out systematic wrecking of the bodies and minds of Russian captured soldiers. Their media machinery reverses reality which is then fed to Western audiences.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Prisoners from both Russia and Ukraine have been mistreated, tortured and mutilated. That does not undermine my point, which is that – as a foreign invader – Russian troops have entered a neighbouring country and murdered its citizens. Thank you for your comment but your are muddying the issue.

  2. Hecuba

    Fascist tories ordering us peasants to obey our fascist tory masters and not engage in any critical political actions! This is fascism – do what your fascist masters demand!

    As regards the murderous Zionist Israelis in political power they are continuing their genocide of Palestinian women, children and men but because these zionist Israelis are Jewish this magically erases them of any criminal accountability!

    1. flttymartyn

      Those MPs who are in the pockets of the land stealing murderers, who are illegally occupying Palestine, are Traitors! They put the interests of these land stealing murderers over the interests of Britain and the British people! They should be rounded up, arrested ,tried, convicted and thrown in prison for treason! The same goes for any MP in the pockets of any foreign power!

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