Covid-19: Tories admit their own incompetence as ‘test and trace’ app is unlawful

Isn’t this criminal stupidity? The Tories have been telling us their ‘test and trace’ app for finding people who’ve had Covid-19, in order to isolate those they’ve contacted, is vital to prevent the spread of the disease – and therefore stop unnecessary deaths. But now we learn that it breaches privacy laws, with Sky News reporting that the programme’s staff have been sharing private information about patients on the social media. What a Hobson’s Choice we’ve had – refuse to use the app and Tory twits like Matt Hancock accuse us…

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Struggling food banks move towards home deliveries. Why not deliver government packages?

Duplication is a waste of effort. But it seems both the government and the food bank network are arranging deliveries to people who have become vulnerable, including because of the coronavirus crisis. Why don’t they just work together? Many [food banks] are attempting to switch gears and move into the home delivery of emergency food packages. Food banks across the UK are struggling to stay open as the coronavirus outbreak continues to cause a sharp decline in volunteers and a shortage of food donations. It comes as a new survey…

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‘Degrading and humiliating’ – why do police treat disabled people so badly?

The Metropolitan Police has been accused of “degrading and humiliating” treatment of people with disabilities who took part in the Extinction Rebellion protests in London. In isolation, this would be bad enough – but it is just the latest in a series of incidents targeting disabled protesters, by forces across the UK. Now the Met’s independent advisory group says the bullying that took place may have caused “irreparable damage” to relations with disabled people. Stop and think about that. This isn’t just a public relations problem – it’s a disaster…

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Latest phase of Tory ‘hostile environment’ would force charities to help deport people sleeping rough

The Conservative government has been caught trying to persecute foreigners and some of the UK’s most vulnerable people – yet again. The scandal centres once again on the Home Office, which has been trying to pressgang homelessness charities into becoming border guards. The plan – euphemistically titled the Rough Sleeper Support Service (RSSS) – is to get charity outreach workers to pass on the personal details of homeless people to the Home Office where, if they were found to be from foreign countries, enforcement officers would deport them. The scheme…

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Outcry against ‘settled status’ registration scheme for EU citizens is rising

The image above is a mild response to the Conservative government’s racist demand that foreign nationals from EU countries submit to a registration scheme in which their details may be passed on to third parties for reasons unknown, and pay to become a persecuted minority. I have already referred to the work of Professor Tanja Bueltmann in revealing what this scheme actually means for people who have enjoyed the right to live and work in this country for many decades – many since before the UK joined the EU in the first…

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What’s the REAL motive behind the Tories’ racist ‘EU Settlement Scheme’?

The UK’s Conservative government is creating a central register for one minority in the UK – EU citizens – holding data it can share freely and in secret with undisclosed private and public organisation in the UK and across the world. Why? Bear in mind that the current Tory administration is well-known as a persecutor of minorities. Consider its treatment of the Windrush generation, of people with disabilities, and of those with long-term illnesses. I’ve already explored the basics of this horrible idea. Here’s the3million Twitter account – the largest grassroots…

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Kiss doctor-patient confidentiality goodbye in the Tories’ latest NHS cash-saving scheme

If you can’t afford private medicine, you don’t deserve to discuss your medical conditions in privacy, according to the latest crackpot Tory scheme for our cash-strapped NHS. Having starved the service of funding and staff with a series of stupid or selfish policy decisions, they have left it incapable of coping with the demand for GP time. So patients are to be deprived of their dignity with consultations organised for groups of up to 15 patients at a time. The fact that people don’t want the intimate details of their…

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Opposition to Labour’s plan for business is a real shot in the foot for the UK’s economy

You’ve got to hand it to Britain’s business leaders – they really know how to de-motivate the workforce and undermine the economy. Labour’s John McDonnell announced a policy that would hand workers an interest in their employers’ success – and an average dividence of £500 a year – and what did the bosses do? They announced that they would do everything in their power to sabotage such a plan. How savage. How selfish. How sickening. I heard it on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme just after 6am, as I was taking Mrs…

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POLL: What do you think of Labour’s plan for employment reform?

John McDonnell has outlined Labour’s proposed employment measures to bolster the strength of unions and transform the gig economy in a speech to the Trades Union Congress. If you’ve managed to miss the details, here’s a short video about the headlines: We think all workers deserve the same employment rights and protections. Make sure your friends know about this 👇 — The Labour Party (@UKLabour) September 11, 2018 And here‘s The Guardian with some of the finer details: “A Labour government would ban zero-hours contracts, repeal the Trade Union Act,…

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Pendle councillor posted racism when she meant to delete it? Don’t dis-‘respect’ our intelligence, Brandon Lewis!

If there’s one thing Conservatives do well, it’s standing their ground – especially in the face of undeniable evidence. Consider Brandon Lewis, the Tory chairman who tore up his own ‘respect’ pledge  – – by supporting Rosemary Carroll, newly re-elected councillor for Pendle, who compared people of Asian origin with dogs. Mr Lewis told Sky‘s Sophy Ridge: “This was a situation that occurred last year, actually, in June last year. Her position has been from the very beginning that she accidentally posted something she wanted to delete. She was suspended by the…

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