If this is how Tory MPs regard #socialdistancing they can’t expect us to do as they say

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised: as MPs voted to break international law, they also broke their own rules on social distancing. How can they expect us to obey those laws – including the new “rule of six”, when they set such a bad example? Here’s what happened, via the Enfield Independent: Pass readers in the division lobbies used by MPs to record their votes stopped working. They instead had to queue up, walk through the chamber and pause at the despatch box to announce their name and vote. The problems emerged…

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Going, going, Gove: the Tory hypocrite who’ll break international law but demands we obey his ‘Rule of Six’

Michael Gove appeared on breakfast TV, to demand that we all – including our children, obey his government’s new prohibition of social gatherings of more than six people. Why should we obey this, when he went on to admit that the government itself will break international law and turn the UK into a rogue state that no other country will trust? I don’t have a clip of him calling on us to obey the ‘Rule of Six’ – which is a stupid demand that won’t stop the now-uncontrollable spread of…

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Did Boris Johnson delay social gathering clampdown so that St Leger horse races can take place?

Is it really a coincidence that Boris Johnson’s new clampdown on social gatherings involving more than six people is to be imposed on Monday, allowing the St Leger horse racing festival to take place first? Is it a coincidence that the St Leger is organised by the Jockey Club, which counts among its directors Dido Harding – who also happens to be in charge of the Serco (not NHS) Test and Trace fiasco? Would it be more accurate to say that Ms Harding’s priority is the racing track, rather than Track…

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Social gatherings to be banned: are the Tories using Covid to make themselves the fun police?

Some people may be pleased by the introduction of a ban on social gatherings for more than six people after September 14 – but it won’t stop the Covid-19 spike currently raging through the UK. All it will do is confirm that Boris Johnson and his gang are using the pandemic to stop anybody in the wider population from having a good time. Just look at what the new rule covers: A new legal limit will ban larger groups meeting anywhere socially indoors or outdoors, No 10 said. But it…

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‘Care’ minister who helped kill off 20,000 people is now shooing nurses out of the NHS

Helen Whately is a vacuous, propaganda-spewing incompetent – in other words, she is typical of the UK’s current Tory government. Not satisfied with having presided over the Covid-19 deaths of more than 20,000 care home residents in her role as minister for social care, she has now turned her sights on nurses. In a car-crash breakfast interview, she tried to tell the nation that nurses don’t deserve a pay rise after all the good work they have done keeping people alive in spite of her own, and her colleagues’, incompetence…

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Tories are stalling on social care because they don’t want you to have it

Is it really any surprise that the Tory response to Covid-19 in social care situations has been a massacre? They have no interest in using public funds to provide care for people who need it; they don’t think the money is meant for that. Also, of course, anything with the word “social” in its title is like garlic to a vampire for them. For example, has Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock got round to reading a report that stated – in July 2019 – that the social care system needed…

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Covid-19: Tories admit their own incompetence as ‘test and trace’ app is unlawful

Isn’t this criminal stupidity? The Tories have been telling us their ‘test and trace’ app for finding people who’ve had Covid-19, in order to isolate those they’ve contacted, is vital to prevent the spread of the disease – and therefore stop unnecessary deaths. But now we learn that it breaches privacy laws, with Sky News reporting that the programme’s staff have been sharing private information about patients on the social media. What a Hobson’s Choice we’ve had – refuse to use the app and Tory twits like Matt Hancock accuse us…

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UK’s lack of social care is hitting disabled people in Covid-19 lockdown

The United Kingdom is the fifth- or sixth-richest nation in the world; we should be able to afford to handle Covid-19 while still giving the best-quality care to those who need it. But we don’t. The reason? Conservative government. A study by the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers shows 50% of disabled people with care support needs surveyed are no longer receiving health or personal care visits to their home as councils struggle under the weight of the pandemic. An estimated 4.5 million people have been forced to fill in the gap…

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How many of the Bournemouth beach idiots are already giving Covid-19 to their family and friends?

Half a million halfwits sitting on a beach. Half a million halfwits sitting on a beach, And if one of those halfwits should have Covid-19, There’ll be half a million halfwits sitting in hospital. It doesn’t rhyme but it gets the point across, I hope. The worst part of it is that everybody who went to Bournemouth beach on the hottest day of the year had every right to be there because Boris Johnson has been permitting visits to English beaches since the end of May. The English have been told…

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Tory u-turn on primary schools is right – shame on those who supported early return

The Tory government has shelved its plan to fully reopen primary schools before the summer holidays after admitting it is impractical. Schools are unable to accommodate all their pupils while classes are limited to just 15 pupils – half normal size. Where would the other half go? It would be impossible to police all the pupils, ensuring that social distancing rules were followed. Have you ever had to spend all day reminding a five-year-old not to do something they really want to do? And then there’s the fact that pupils…

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