The Israel/Hamas propaganda war: who do you believe?

The phrase for the people we’re seeing all over the mainstream and social media at the moment is “bad faith actor” – although some of them might actually believe what they’re saying.

These are people who put out falsehoods and disinformation, constantly, in order to gaslight you into disbelieving the evidence of your own senses.

So, for example, here’s Piers Morgan:

Here’s Jones’s response:

Morgan is wrong – but for a different reason – as This Writer has pointed out:

Yes: it doesn’t matter what Piers Morgan (or anybody else) says. We must judge Israel and Hamas on what we see them doing.

Now here’s Jacob Rees-Mogg on the BBC’s Question Time:

Of course, there’s no evidence that Israel did bring incubators to al-Shifa hospital; in fact, it seems more likely that they brought the guns that they then claimed were Hamas weapons, under the label “medical equipment”.

And who did the killing at that rave (it wasn’t a peace rally)? Evidence seems to be showing that it was the IDF’s “friendly fire” that did it.

Next up: Mark Regev, an advisor to Israely prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, talking about the deaths of Palestinian children, caused by Israel:

Regev’s claim that Israel will destroy Hamas is false. Hamas is an international organisation and cannot be destroyed just by smashing it in Gaza. Also, the murder of Gazan civilians means their relatives are likely to be radicalised.

Mehdi Hasan absolutely nails Regev on the disinformation coming from Israel.

But let’s have that comment about whether Israeli forces have killed children:

The claim is that Gazan children haven’t been killed by Israeli dropping the equivalent of two Hiroshima atomic bombs on their homes, but (presumably) that Hamas killed them.

Do you believe that?

And then there’s the revision of the Israeli death toll – down by 200:

It is unrealistic to expect Hamas to have burned its own members to cinders.

Perhaps this is more convincing:

“This also adds legitimacy to claims that many Israelis found burned beyond recognition were friendly fire victims.” Like all those burned bodies that were supposed to be Israeli babies?

First we were told they were beheaded by Hamas, then they were burned by Hamas. Now it seems they were burned by the IDF.

“Yesterday an Israeli official admitted on TV that Israel had misidentified HUNDREDS of dead Hamas fighters as Israeli because there were so many corpses that were too badly burned to identify. Unless you believe Hamas was also burning hundreds of its own fighters alive, it’s safe to assume that the burned corpses seen in all the images Israel has been bandying about since October 7 were in fact victims of Hellfire missiles fired by IDF forces. The IDF, not Hamas, burned people alive — both Israeli and Palestinian.”

Here’s another claim:

I’m not sure what’s depraved about a woman giving birth in captivity. It happens in prisons, I hear. And we know from former hostages that they have access to medical treatment. The depravity would have been if this lady had been taken to a Gaza hospital and forced to give birth while the IDF was attacking it, or if the baby had needed an incubator but couldn’t use one because the IDF had cut power to it.

“Borrell, in his press conference held today Friday in the city of Ramallah, surpassed the limits of decency and diplomacy, when he tried to distort the right of the Palestinian people to resist the occupation, which is a right guaranteed by international law.”

This is accurate – it is a right guaranteed by international law.

“We see that the US and the EU are violating international law by giving the occupation the green light to commit more crimes and massacres against our people.”

Arguably true. These organisations (the US government and the EU) are supporting Israel, despite actions that are arguably war crimes.

“We reaffirm the right of our people to continue their struggle and resist the occupation, as we find it a very legitimate and legal right. The Palestinian people are the only ones who have the right to sovereignty over their land, and no one has that right to dictate over them.”

Israel has invaded, occupied and stolen Palestinian land. It remains Palestinian land, even though it has been stolen, so this is arguably accurate.

“Our people will remain committed to their legitimate rights, defending them by all means until the occupation is defeated and eliminated, and their state is established, with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Okay… if it’s a commitment to legitimate rights, then this is a call for a two-state solution. But you can bet someone is saying it’s a demand for Israel to be dissolved.

Now try this, for distortion – from Sussex Friends of Israel:

How is this doctor’s honestly-held belief, based on her experience, disinformation?

Back to al-Shifa hospital now where, according to the BBC, Israel has fabricated its claim that Hamas had a command centre there:

Now here’s Norman Finkelstein, with a new revelation:

So: 11,000 people were killed “because of a hole in the ground”.

And it gets worse:

Let’s go over to the United Nations:

A UN rapporteur has said Israel cannot claim it is acting out of self-defence under international law:

It means Israel does not have any excuse for the war crimes it is committing.

Opponents of this point of view may claim that Francesca Albanese is biased towards Palestine – but she has that covered too:

Empirically, the weight of opinion is turning against Israel, with expert evidence and opinion showing that Israel is wrong to do what it is doing and lying about what it has done.

This is an ongoing situation, though. Let’s see what happens next.

3 thoughts on “The Israel/Hamas propaganda war: who do you believe?

  1. Stu

    An excellent, elloquent article with an overwhelming volume of commmon-sense and well referenced evidence and resources.

    Perhaps this is the very reason that the IDF cut off Communications Capabilities for Gaza, to prevent International scrutiny as they knew that they were in the wrong and wanted no evidence getting out.

  2. Hecuba

    Male owned malestream media doing their utmost to justify zionist Israeli military and that fascist Netanyahu who instigated this latest mass murder of Palestinian women, children and men! Why are so many so-called civilised western countries justifying the gynocide/genocide of Palestinian women, children and men!

    The zionists in Israel will not be satisfied until they have murdered all Palestinians and this is happening because the UK fake government and US government are actively supporting and colluding with the murderous fascist Israeli leaders!

  3. Martyn

    Israel has already admitted that they are committing genocide….Whilst the world leaders do nothing…..Israel is laughing at us all….whilst they destroy Palestine and murder men women and children. How many politicians have lost their humanity, and are accepting Israeli bribes!!!! To them, greed and corruption rule over humanity, decency and truth every time!

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