Tory cruelty condemned in handwritten signs telling personal stories

A grassroots campaign for people to vote the Conservatives out of power has been spreading across noticeboards all over the UK. People have pinned the handwritten notes in public places, taken photos of them and then posted the images online under the hashtag #ToryStory Here are a few from a Daily Mirror piece on the phenomenon – there are many more. Do you have a #ToryStory ? If so, why not write it out and post it – in real life and online? You might help swing the election result. Source:…

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The madness of Dominic Raab – his wages fairy tale has made the Tories a laughing-stock

It’s the season for fairy tales and pantomimes so picture the scene: Once upon a time, the UK’s evil stepmother Theresa May was admiring herself in the mirror. “Mirror, mirror on the wall,” she gurgled in the half-strangled voice we know so well (unfortunately), “who’s the stupidest of them all?” “Dominic Raab,” the mirror replied without hesitation. “What?” Mrs May was taken aback- and not by the fact that she was having a conversation with a piece of furniture (draw your own conclusions). “Not the 200 Tory MPs who supported my…

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Old anti-doctor story revived to take the heat off the Tories during NHS winter crisis – claim

“This same article came out in the middle of junior doctors’ strikes,” wrote Dr Lauren Gavaghan when she retweeted the article quoted below, on Twitter. “Now middle of NHS crisis. “It might just help,” she added, “to make the NHS a more attractive place to work, so doctors and nurses wouldn’t want/need to leave. “But no…let’s drum up some bad press for doctors.” Poor show, Torygraph. You’ve let the side down. Junior doctors who go abroad to work after benefiting from £220,000 worth of world class training should be forced to…

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Alistair Carmichael ‘leaked Sturgeon memo thinking it was true’

We already know that the civil servant who wrote the controversial ‘Memogate’ memo believed that it was accurate. Now the MP who leaked it has said the same. The only people who have cast any doubt on the document are those who have an interest in doing so. If the civil servant had not declared his belief that the information he had written was factually accurate – by which, let’s by clear, he meant it was what he had been told by the French consul-general – then This Writer would…

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Analysing the balance of our Jeremy Corbyn coverage | The Guardian

Look at this – The Guardian has had to respond to attacks from readers who claim it has been too critical of Jeremy Corbyn in its Labour leadership coverage. Not surprisingly – given this newspaper’s history – the Labour leadership race, and in particular the candidacy of Jeremy Corbyn, has generated powerful feelings among readers, not all in favour of the Guardian’s coverage. “Had enough of your paper,” said the subject line of an email from one reader, who went on to say: “I’ve been a regular reader of the…

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No, no, no, Nicola Sturgeon. Memogate ruling does NOT mean the story was ‘untrue’

Nicola Sturgeon has been crowing after the Independent Press Standards Organisation upheld her complaint about the ‘Memogate’ story that caused such a stir for the Daily Telegraph in April. Ipso has ruled that the story – based on a memo that was leaked, we later learned, on the orders of the Coalition’s then-Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael – was “significantly misleading” because “the newspaper had failed to make clear that it did not know whether the account the memorandum presented was true”. It stops short of any suggestion that the story…

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Daily Mail caught stirring up hate against benefit claimants with fake story?

The Daily Mail has been accused of using an actor to fabricate a story stirring up hatred against benefit claimants. Its article I’m TOO FIT to work! Gym enthusiast who spends four hours a day working out claims benefits because ‘boring 9 to 5 jobs interfere with his fitness regime’ purports to be telling the story of Kamran Kam, and states: “He openly admits that he is making no effort to get a job, believing that fit people should not have to pay taxes that go towards treating overweight people on…

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BBC whitewashes ‘government propaganda’ NHS story

  Back at the end of September the BBC News website ran a story on 91-year-old Harry Smith’s speech to the Labour Party Conference, in which he detailed the miserable state of healthcare before the arrival of the NHS and stated his fears for the future of the service under the Conservative Party. This was all fine. What a shame Auntie’s unnamed reporter had to spoil it by adding in two extra paragraphs that parroted – almost word-for-word – comments made by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt that seemed to contradict…

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Hour of the dodgy headline: ‘Kitten-gate’ purrs on

Juxtaposition is a terrible thing if you’re a newspaper sub-editor – as the front page of this week’s Powys County Times demonstrates. In the week when David Cameron was pilloried for saying the Queen “purred down the line” at him when he told her Scotland had rejected independence, the County Times ran a photograph of him (relating to another story) over the headline: “‘Sickening and vile abuse’ over phone”. Oops! What’s even worse is the lead paragraph of the story itself: “A woman was subjected to a vile campaign of…

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‘Not quite true’ – it’s the story of Iain Duncan Smith’s life

A comment piece in today’s Guardian has used new research to demonstrate that RTU’s (that’s Iain Duncan Smith to the uninitiated) claim about people opting for unemployment as a lifestyle choice is “not quite true“. Hopefully the piece’s author, Hugh Moir, will forgive us if we don’t bat an eyelid in surprise. Researchers spent eight months failing to unearth any examples of joblessness as a lifestyle choice, or multiple generations of a family in which nobody had worked. And – crucially: “They did not find any prevailing aversion or reluctance…

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