Website showing Israelis teaching the choke hold that killed George Floyd is changed to remove evidence. Why?

Doesn’t this strike you as odd? Late last month, Keir Starmer sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey as shadow Education Secretary after she tweeted a link to an interview with actor Maxine Peake which he claimed featured an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory”. It seems the Labour leader believes it is anti-Semitic to state that Israeli military/police personnel taught members of the US police the choke hold that was misused to kill George Floyd, triggering a wave of protest across the world. Last week, This Site found and published details of an organisation, run by…

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Video evidence shows Israelis teaching the choke hold that killed George Floyd

This is awkward – for everybody like Keir Starmer who insisted that it was anti-Semitic to claim that members of the Israeli police/military taught US police the choke hold that killed George Floyd. The image above is from a promotional video by an organisation calling itself Israeli Tactical. This firm has been providing training in the United States since at least 2013, when its Twitter account was set up by one Tomer Israeli who, according to Israeli Tactical’s website, is “A veteran captain of the Israeli Defense Forces with over…

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The racist face of Britain: woman racially abuses black man on bus in video

This speaks for itself: A black man was subjected to a torrent of racial abuse in Bromley by a white woman who followed him onto a bus. Nicholas Garande, 29, captured the shocking incident on video, in which a stranger began by calling him the N-word at a bus stop on Masons Hill last Thursday, at around 7.30pm. She then pursued him onto the upper deck of a bus he boarded to escape, where she continued to incoherently rant, accusing him of being a drug dealer. Mr Garande [is] an assistant manager at Foot…

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Coronavirus: Government’s failure to offer video PIP appeals ‘is discrimination’ – Disability News Service

Discrimination is the right word for this. Other people get the full remote service including video hearings. But not people with disabilities. There’s no good reason for the refusal to accommodate them. So it has to be discrimination. And it’s no surprise, given the Conservative government’s legendary hatred of people with disabilities. The government’s continuing failure to allow benefit appeals to be heard via video conferencing is discriminating against disabled claimants, say welfare rights experts. Many disabled people are being forced to ask for their tribunals to be postponed, because…

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Tory MPs share doctored video of Starmer in abortive smear attempt

Health minister Nadine Dorries, former Tory vice-chair Maria Caulfield and Lucy Allan have made an abortive attempt to discredit Labour leader Keir Starmer by sharing a misleading video created by far-right activists. They quote-tweeted a video post that claimed to show Starmer explaining “why he didn’t prosecute grooming gangs”, when in fact he was explaining why he implemented reforms as the Director of Public Prosecutions. A Labour source said: “This is a doctored video tweeted by far-right social media account. As a government minister, we hope Nadine Dorries acknowledges this…

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People with mental illnesses and disabilities may be falling foul of video court hearings

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission has called for the government to collect information on the effect of video court hearings on people with mental illnesses and other conditions. It is feared that people with conditions including learning disability, autism spectrum disorders and mental health conditions – who are significantly over-represented in the criminal justic system – are at a disadvantage when cases are conducted without them being present in court. The Ministry of Justice has switched magistrates’ hearings to video sessions in response to the coronavirus lockdown, with 85 per…

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Benefit tribunals: appellants are warned if their hearing is by video link, their home becomes part of the court

This is a timely warning, as the coronavirus lockdown forces legal procedures out of the courtroom and online: People taking part in benefit tribunals that are heard on video and audio, so they do not have to leave their own home, must treat their home as a part of the courtroom for the duration of the hearing. This means they must sit somewhere with a blank or neutral view behind them, and if they need to move away from their screen or phone during the hearing they must ask permission.…

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Band calls on fans to help the homeless. Will you?

This Writer has always liked The Levellers and now I like them more. The band is using its current tour to help homeless people in the towns where the tour will be stopping. Here are Charlie and Matt to explain how it works: I’ll be seeing the band at Llandudno at the end of this month and I intend to help. If you’re a fan, check the lists on this Facebook page to see what you can bring. Levellers have a new album, called Peace, out on August 14. Here’s…

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Was Rachel Riley among ‘our celebrities’ that so-called charity used to ‘slaughter’ Corbyn?

A video clip has come to light of a campaigner for a pressure group, praising “our spies and intel… our fab celebrities” after Labour and Jeremy Corbyn were “slaughtered” in the 2019 general election. Joe Glasman, leader of the so-called ‘political investigations team’ at the misnamed Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), made the claim in a video rant that was quickly set to ‘private’ – but you can see it here. The CAA was set up during a period of violence between Israel and Palestine in 2014, and has spent the time…

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Plymouth couple’s benefit nightmare shows Tories have set neighbour against neighbour

Look at what the UK has become under a Conservative government that would penalise disabled people who don’t use their walking sticks while putting out the bins. Darren and Tracy Grylls, of Plymouth, were told their benefits have been frozen – pending review – because a neighbour had seen them walking without the aid of sticks. Apparently Mrs Grylls has also been criticised for leaning on a shopping trolley in a supermarket, rather than her walking stick. This is a common habit among people who have difficulty walking. But the…

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