Is this Boris Johnson’s latest plan to kill the NHS – make doctors so sick of it that they quit?

A survey of NHS doctors has shown two-thirds want to quit within three years due to Covid-19 burnout and low pay. Is this what Boris Johnson wants? He would be able to speed privatisation, claiming that the NHS has failed due to lack of staff – while (obviously) neglecting to admit that this is due to his own underfunding of the service. However: it seems this is the worst possible time for it to happen as Johnson’s daft-headed response to the Covid crisis appears to have triggered a massive increase…

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Tory ministers silent as they’re urged to prevent ‘wave of evictions’

The government’s moratorium on evictions ends this week, putting tens of thousands of people in danger of eviction – in the middle of the biggest recession the UK has ever experienced. The Tories have been urged to safeguard the people under threat – but they are strangely silent. One wonders whether they would be so quiet if their fellow Conservatives were being turfed out of their stately homes for any reason. So when the ban on evictions in England and Wales ends on August 23, it seems likely to signal…

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Excess winter deaths hit highest level since 1976 last year; will the Tories make it even worse?

The Tory cull of the weak and the old continues unabated with the annual increase in excess winter deaths. Like the increase in child homelessness, this is a story I have to write every year – because every year, under a Conservative government, the numbers increase. In 2013, Age UK predicted that 24,000 older people would not survive the winter – 200 deaths per day. By the winter of 2017-18, according to the Office for National Statistics, that figure had leapt to 417 per day. That’s 17 deaths every hour.…

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Old anti-doctor story revived to take the heat off the Tories during NHS winter crisis – claim

“This same article came out in the middle of junior doctors’ strikes,” wrote Dr Lauren Gavaghan when she retweeted the article quoted below, on Twitter. “Now middle of NHS crisis. “It might just help,” she added, “to make the NHS a more attractive place to work, so doctors and nurses wouldn’t want/need to leave. “But no…let’s drum up some bad press for doctors.” Poor show, Torygraph. You’ve let the side down. Junior doctors who go abroad to work after benefiting from £220,000 worth of world class training should be forced to…

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Tory announces ‘chair’ solution to NHS winter crisis

If Theresa May’s Cabinet reshuffle was an attempt to divert attention away from the winter crisis that has already killed many National Health Service patients, it has failed… … mostly because one of her health ministers managed to make a career-defining mistake during a Parliamentary debate on the situation, while Mrs May was discussing Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s Cabinet position with him in 10 Downing Street. For those of you who are unaware of the situation (or at least, of what the Tories are saying about it), Mrs May has said…

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Nobody believes Theresa May: NHS funding is a Tory joke at OUR expense

The problem here is that facts can say whatever people want them to. The BBC’s evening news yesterday (Sunday) referred to real-terms increases in NHS funding since the Conservatives came into office in 2010 of 1.2 per cent, rising to 2.25 per cent in 2016-17. But the average since the NHS was founded is four per cent, so the Tories have lagged far behind. You can see the difference in spending choices in the following graph: The Tories have increased spending, sure – but by a miniscule amount compared with…

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Jeremy Hunt’s planned promotion shows Tories value TREACHERY above all else

What a message to give the people of the UK: That under Conservative rule, cheats do prosper and treachery is a valued trait for government ministers. That is the message being given by Theresa May, who reportedly wants to promote Jeremy Hunt in a Cabinet reshuffle planned for Monday (January 8). The only thing making her hesitate is the fact that the NHS winter crisis that he has engineered – at her request – might cast a shadow over her plan to make him First Minister, replacing the disgraced Damian Green…

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The Tories created the NHS crisis deliberately and their apologies mean nothing

The following is a compilation of social media posts about the current NHS winter crisis, that makes a compelling argument that the Conservatives have deliberately caused the service problems, but are deceiving the public about it with the aid of a compliant media. It is persuasive – and certainly one that people should remember while watching Andrew Marr’s interview with Theresa May, set to take place today (January 7). There’s a crisis in our NHS and everyone knows it – except the Tories.Brace yourselves for Theresa May vs The Truth.…

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The NHS crisis is about making a profit from illness and death

This is good background to posts about the current NHS winter crisis. Alongside the facts below, the article mentions action that has been taking by NHS England “such as cancelling operations, is helping to ease the problem but will not solve it”. No indeed – in fact it is intended to ‘nudge’ patients towards the private sector. They can have their operation straight away if they can afford to pay for it. That would be a nice little earner for all those Tory MPs who have shares in the private…

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This year’s NHS crisis has begun as patients experience sharp rising in A&E waiting times

As Jeremy Corbyn put it, “This is completely unacceptable. “Growing pressure on our NHS means more people waiting longer in ambulances and A&E departments having to divert more patients to other hospitals.” Of course it is entirely in line with the claim that the Tories are trying to make the health service look incompetent in order to make a profit-making, privatised health system seem more attractive. The minority Tory government may say it isn’t planning to sell off the NHS, but the recent announcement that the UK is holding private trade…

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