Another #Labour representative is stabbed in the back. #KeirStarmer is destroying #DEMOCRACY

Beth Winter: backstabbed by her own party for being left-wing.

Beth Winter is the latest Labour MP to be targeted for removal by Keir Starmer’s cronies, who appear to have rigged the selection process for Merthyr Tydfil and Upper Cynon.

This is an offence against democracy, of course. Under Starmer, Labour has turned its back on what the people want and is focusing on changing its own systems to make sure he gets what he wants instead.

The implication for the whole of the UK, if this dictator is ever allowed to get the keys to 10 Downing Street, is horrifying.

Looking at the way he mistreats his own party members, it is unreasonable to believe Starmer will change his behaviour once he is given a chance to attack wider democracy across the country.

Let’s have the facts from that great left-wing commentator, Cornish Damo:

Here’s Ms Winter, with a very diplomatic interpretation of what happened:

She does have supporters in the Parliamentary Labour Party:

But John McDonnell, like the rest of the Socialist Campaign Group within Starmer’s Labour, needs to recognise that his days in that party are numbered. Some of us have been saying for months and years that they all need to quit the party before they are forced out by a pack of lies. We cannot understand why these politicians – who should be more canny than they appear – have not taken this advice. Are they waiting for the right moment?

Elsewhere, the Starmerite attack on North of Tyne Mayor Jamie Driscoll continues at full speed:

There is no way to win against the machinations of the Starmerites. Look:

And that is true of the UK as a whole, not just Labour. He’ll do to you what he’s doing to his party.

At least we can all see it for what it is:

One aspect of Labour membership that is well-established is that anybody showing support for other parties or their representatives is a traitor and should be removed. It used to be restricted to voting for them (which makes sense; no party wants a traitor – and possibly a spy – in its midst) but has been expanded to include voicing approval of comments or policies by representatives of other parties.

So when I see this:

… I wonder how Clive Lewis has managed to get away with working with Caroline Lucas, and when the Starmerite axe will fall on him. He sails very close to the wind as it is.

Sadly, the huge propaganda campaign promoting Starmer as the Great White Hope of the UK after 13 years of Tory misrule is proceeding to brainwash the population at a rate of knots, supported as it is by the mass media.

The assumption appears to be that the upset caused to party members by the undemocratic removal of the party’s left wing, transforming it into an agency of factional minority interest rather than the “broad church” it still claims to be, won’t be noticed. Is this true?

This Writer’s advice is: if you are as deeply concerned for the future of democracy under a Keir Starmer government as you should be, get out and (quietly) tell everybody you know.

4 thoughts on “Another #Labour representative is stabbed in the back. #KeirStarmer is destroying #DEMOCRACY

  1. Tony

    Perhaps Starmer should be expelled for his serial collaboration with the Conservatives.

  2. Grey Swans

    I have been seeking the recently purged MPs and councillors out of Labour, but either they just sit as Independents or seem to think they can change Labour.

    Seeking help, please, to recruit to begin an oven ready new party, with fully published manifesto (updated by peoples’ input):

    Beth Winter
    Jamie Driscoll
    Margaret Greenwood
    Diane Abbott

  3. Dave Rowlands

    The way the tory party has been demolishing the UK over the last 13 years is the only reason they won’t be voted back in, it will have nothing to do with labour policies or who the leader is, no one would be voting labour if the conservatives hadn’t made such a shambles of their premiership. The Starmerites who believe they are being voted in because they are “better” are delusional.

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