What will you say when they ask what you did in the class war?

I seem to have hit a nerve when I said the Tories are waging a class war on anyone who isn’t filthy rich. In fact, two Vox Political articles touched on this class war – the first implied it, the second made it explicit. Today I opened Twitter to discover those words all over the place: The A levels are the ruling class brazenly saying – “we’ll fix society now like we always have” Only thing, this time you can see the workings Mind you, anyone who dares to REALLY challenge…

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Haters gotta hate – and they’re hating Miriam Margolyes for her honesty about Boris Johnson

What a lot of hate toward a national treasure. Miriam Margolyes – whose performances in Blackadder alone mark her out as a national treasure – appeared on Channel 4’s The Last Leg (May 8), where she admitted that when it was revealed that Boris Johnson had caught the coronavirus, she had a moment of weakness when she wanted him to die. The point she was making was that it is wrong to feel like that about anybody – even somebody who, like Johnson, has made the coronavirus crisis into a human disaster…

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Boris Johnson: don’t let the media make a messiah out of this racist, sexist, cowardly liar

You may have seen some news reports suggesting that contingency plans were made for Boris Johnson’s death of coronavirus – suggesting that his recovery may have been miraculous in some way. In other words, the Tories and their supine media were trying to cook up a “back from the dead” story for Johnson, painting him as a Messiah-figure who has returned from the brink of the grave to bring strong leadership to a country desperately in need of it. In other words, they’re trying to feed us another load of…

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Keir Starmer has turned Labour into the party of hypocrisy – and racism

Labour’s new leader, Keir Starmer, is working his fingers to the bone – turning Labour into the kind of racist cess-pit that no right-thinking person would want to join. Consider the hypocrisy in the fact that he has “disciplined” Diane Abbott for taking part in a Zoom discussion attended by expelled former party members – but has done nothing to suspend members of the so-called right-wing “faction” who were accused of subjecting her to appalling racist bullying in the leaked Labour report on the party’s response to anti-Semitism accusations. Keir…

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SICKENING bullying of innocents shows Riley won’t stop until she is made to

Take a look at this: The “friend to Holocaust deniers” is, according to Ms Riley, the film director Ken Loach. But he is nothing of the sort and there is no evidence showing otherwise. You’re probably familiar with the story. Mr Loach, along with Jewish poet Michael Rosen, was chosen to judge a children’s competition run by the anti-racism charity Show Racism The Red Card. Ms Riley tweeted, and then deleted, this criticism, calling both “deniers/proponents of anti-Jewish racism”: pic.twitter.com/PuPtpJ5kE1 — The Tall Beardy One 🌹#Rejoin (@Snegreid) February 6, 2020…

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Piers Morgan should try living with the pain of a disability before inciting hate against those who do

When This Writer learned that a person with one of the so-called “invisible” disabilities was being victimised by Piers Morgan, I made a remark to a friend about what should happen to it and forgot about it. But here’s the thing: this comes in a week when we’ve learned that the Department for Work and Pensions is deliberately hiding evidence that it has been victimising people with disabilities – some of them to their death. Ministers have been seen smirking about it during debates. And of course we’re living under…

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A third of Sure Start family centres have been closed amid ignorance about their users

Wow. This Writer can’t tell what’s worse – the fact that nearly 1,300 family centres that provided vital clinics, along with health and parenting support, saving the NHS £5 million a year… Or the ignorance from the Tory supporters commenting on it. The charity Action for Children has said Sure Start centres are often the first place where abuse and neglect can be detected. But commenters on the Daily Mirror story about the closure focused instead on their own prejudices. One said Sure Start centres were not used by the families…

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Deaths mount as people buckle under the strain of false accusation

The stories that follow are not tragedies. They are the results of small-minded persecution by petty creeps who want a few cheap kicks. Remember that. As I write this, it is still only a day since This Site published its article on the 25 Labour Party members who were expelled in a single day. Within hours, I received this, via Twitter: https://twitter.com/moodynews101/status/1228592972419215361 It’s true. Pauline Hammerton, a long-term Labour activist from Hulme, in Manchester, had been expelled on February 4 under one of the fast-track processes I described in my…

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Labour: the party of bigotry and intolerance?

This is ugly and Labour’s leadership candidates need to own it. You will all be aware, already, of the illegal behaviour of Labour’s leadership in “tackling” (their word) anti-Semitism, whereby the party faked evidence to make it appear that I was an anti-Semite, broadcast the lies to the newspapers in order to induce people to believe them, and then used them as an excuse to expel me from the party. I believe the current plan is to change the rules so even an accusation will be enough to justify expulsion.…

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Faced with five more years of Tory persecution, disabled people are losing hope

“Basically now we are all buggered. “No hope left for me as I’m disabled and they’ve messed me about so much already. “I don’t see any compassion for people like myself and all the others like me out there – and to all the ones who have already taken their lives because of cuts cuts cuts cuts n more cuts. “I’m so disappointed in people in general because of all the hatred towards different groups of people. “And it’s now going to get worse. Thanks a bunch.” Those aren’t my…

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