Incoming BBC chief wants to restore its reputation for impartiality. But will he?

New BBC Director General Tim Davie is set to tell staff it is now a condition of their employment to be politically impartial. It seems he has realised the Corporation’s credibility has suffered after years of kowtowing to the Tory administrations of the last 10 years. And there’s academic information showing an “Establishment” bias during Labour administrations that made it hard for that party to get a fair hearing on the UK’s most-used TV and radio news outlet. Fine words. But will they cut any ice with entrenched right-wingers like…

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POLL: Should a person’s religious beliefs – as NHS Trust director or prime minister – affect their politics?

It is interesting that Richard Page’s claim to have suffered religious discrimination over his Christianity follows Theresa May’s claim that her own Christian beliefs are informing her conduct regarding Brexit. This Writer’s opinion is that it is right that Mr Page should have been sacked as a magistrate and as a director of an NHS trust if he was allowing his religious bias to override the value of the evidence that was put before him, as he carried out those roles. This story raises the following question, then (let’s run it as…

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Lord Janner to face justice after DPP ruling overturned | UK news | The Guardian

So there it is – there will be a ‘trial of facts’ on the Janner sex abuse allegations. This Blog believes pressure should be put on the CPS for further ‘trials of facts’, to establish the guilt/innocence of others who have been accused but have not faced trial. Pressure grows on director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders to resign as it emerges trial of facts will take place after sex abuse allegations Source: Lord Janner to face justice after DPP ruling overturned | UK news | The Guardian Follow me…

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Paedophile politicians vilified on mainstream TV as Janner decision is overturned

It’s what some might call a ‘happy coincidence’: Reports emerged that the decision not to prosecute former politician Greville Janner for alleged historic child sex offences, at almost the same time comedian Adam Hills was raging about the way politicians have been able to cover up such activities in the past. The rant, on Channel 4’s The Last Leg, was well worth seeing. For those who missed it, here it is, but be warned – he uses extremely strong language: In Janner’s case, we are told a barrister has spent several…

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A quick thought about the Conservative ‘tax lock’ silliness

Anyone who thinks David Cameron’s promise of a five-year ‘tax lock’ is a good idea must need psychiatric help. Cameron promised to introduce a law banning income tax, VAT or national insurance increases in the next parliament if the Conservative Party is elected back into office, clearly in the belief that anybody on average wages or less is too stupid to know what this means. We know better, don’t we? We know that taxes are set according to each income group’s ability to pay. This means that people in the…

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Mockery of May and the Mail: Worst crisis since when?

The Fail on Sunday has fallen foul of its readers yet again, with a headline that begged for ridicule the moment it was released into the community. Here it is: The worst crisis since when? The Flail seems to be suffering from selective amnesia. As many commenters – especially on Twitter – have pointed out, the worst crisis since the abdication was probably World War II. Does anybody remember that little scuffle? But then, what can you expect from the Mail? The abdication involved a Nazi sympathiser (Edward VIII) and at…

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Labour will ban MPs from having second jobs – hooray!

    This is an important step on the way towards winning a personal crusade of Vox Political – to clear corruption out of the House of Commons. The Labour Party will change the law to ban MPs from having second jobs including corporate directorships, employment or consultancy work. Think about it; this means MPs will no longer be allowed to have dangerous conflicts of interest between their positions as representatives of the electorate and any responsibilities to other employers. It would go a long way towards meeting the terms…

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Liars exposed! Why has nobody been sacked yet?

This blog asked yesterday whether Downing Street communications chief Craig Oliver was a liar, an incompetent, or both after he denied that government officers threatened the Daily Telegraph with tougher press regulation if it published its investigation into Maria Miller’s expenses. It turns out he was both. The Telegraph has now published a recording of the conversation between reporter Holly Watt and Miller’s advisor Joanna Hindley, on which its allegations are based. There can be no doubt that the reporter did indeed have Leveson held over her (corruptly); there can…

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The Telegraph must stand firm against Downing Street bullies

Is Downing Street director of communications Craig Oliver a liar, or incompetent? Or is he an incompetent liar? These are the questions we should ask after he denied threatening the Daily Telegraph with tougher press regulation if it published details of its investigation into Maria Miller’s expenses. The Telegraph reported that Miller’s parents were living in her taxpayer-funded south London second home, implying that she had fraudulently claimed expenses for it, in December 2012 – and immediately followed its report with another, alleging that government advisers tried to bully the…

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Was Mark Wood the last stumbling-block for Atos?

Everybody should know by now that British citizen Mark Wood starved to death four months after a medical assessment by Atos found him fit for work, even though it was only reported widely yesterday. The ruling on the 44-year-old was made against the advice of his GP and in the knowledge that Mr Wood – who lived in David Cameron’s Witney constituency – had mental health conditions including phobias of food and social situations. He weighed just 5st 8lbs when he died in August last year. His GP, Nicolas Ward,…

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