Mockery of May and the Mail: Worst crisis since when?

The Fail on Sunday has fallen foul of its readers yet again, with a headline that begged for ridicule the moment it was released into the community. Here it is:


The worst crisis since when?

The Flail seems to be suffering from selective amnesia. As many commenters – especially on Twitter – have pointed out, the worst crisis since the abdication was probably World War II. Does anybody remember that little scuffle?

But then, what can you expect from the Mail? The abdication involved a Nazi sympathiser (Edward VIII) and at the time, the newspaper was run by a Nazi sympathiser too.

Edward VIII met Hitler - and was one of the few people who were delighted to do so.

Edward VIII met Hitler – and was one of the few people who were delighted to do so.

And what exactly was this “worst crisis”? It was the threat of a Labour/SNP deal that, according to Labour leader Ed Miliband’s categorical assurances, will not happen.

The good people on Twitter saw through the headline immediately – of course – and set about undermining it with extreme vigour. There followed a series of candidates for ‘worst crisis’ – some in pictures. See for yourself:

There's no hot dinner, and you're the one who has to tell Clarkson #WorstCrisisSinceTheAbdication (Ian Fraser).

There’s no hot dinner, and you’re the one who has to tell Clarkson #WorstCrisisSinceTheAbdication (Ian Fraser).

How about this one?

Left the wean [child] with Nicola Sturgeon #WorstCrisisSinceTheAbdication (LynoSNP2016).

Left the wean [child] with Nicola Sturgeon #WorstCrisisSinceTheAbdication (LynoSNP2016).

Or this one, from screenwriter, novelist and recent Doctor Who scriptwriter Frank Cottrell-Boyce?

Button Moon exposed as cruel hoax! There's no such place!!! :-0 #WorstCrisisSinceTheAbdication

Button Moon exposed as cruel hoax! There’s no such place!!! :-0 #WorstCrisisSinceTheAbdication

John Prescott got in on the act: “I had to eat fish and chips without vinegar tonight .”

Shona MacLeod offered: “All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again .”

There was this, from Lawrence McNeill: “ pubs run out of Beer 

And of course this, from ‘Mr Ethical’: “Worst crisis since Daily Mail supported Hitler. .”

The Guardian‘s Patrick Wintour made a serious point: “Home Secretary should be entitled to display her ignorance of history but not to question the legitimacy of a free and fair election in UK.”

Let’s give cartoonist Gary Baker the last word – on a serious point: “It’s a good job Theresa May hasn’t got serious things to sort like child abuse claims otherwise her talk of ‘abdication’ would seem puerile.”

Yes indeed. What is happening about the Director of Public Prosecutions and Lord Janner – and why is the Home Secretary wasting everybody’s time on this instead?

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12 thoughts on “Mockery of May and the Mail: Worst crisis since when?

  1. Nick

    as i have always stated mike the many faces of Hitler and those that loved his style are many today just as in the old days

    The main key thou the public need to learn is to know today the many faces that support the likes of Hitler and that given a chance would like to have a rerun of the past

  2. M Johnson

    I like the roast chicken advert above, M & S is that reference to May and Shapps ?? Dont they want to be roasted ?

  3. Pete B.

    The worse crisis since the abdication is this ConDem Government.A bunch of posh elitists,way out of their depth.

    It shows they are panicking,the hyperbole over the SNP,Cameron is hiding,instead of campaigning.He runs away from TV debates because he is scared that people may see him for the empty shell he is. Bojo did not fare too good against Ed today on the Marr show.Even Tories are saying so,Ed the so-called Red wiped the floor with him.Shapps pops up,makes a balls-up, then disappears for a week before coming back to make another balls-up.

    The Tories cannot run an election campaign,never mind a Government,oh and by Tories,I include the LibDems as well who are Tories in all but name.

    In years to come,I expect some PR bloke will be showing reruns of the Tories’ campaign in 2015,showing how to campaign badly,stupidly,and arrogantly.

  4. Samuel Miller (@Hephaestus7)

    Iain Duncan Smith has a piece in The Telegraph; he’s scaremongering, saying that Ed Miliband and Nicola Sturgeon would destroy the UK.

    People like him and Theresa May, who are opposing a Labour-SNP Coalition partnership because it would revive the issue of Scottish independence and put the Union under fresh strain, could learn a lesson from my country, Canada, which has survived both separatist governments in Quebec and a sovereignist federal political party in Canada, the Bloc Québécois, devoted to the protection of Quebec’s interests in the House of Commons of Canada.

    As a matter of fact, the election of the Bloc Québécois in Canada did not result in the breakup of my country, and Quebec ultimately gained more powers within confederation. The fear-mongering surrounding a possible Labour-SNP Coalition partnership may not be justified.

    There’s greater certainty of Iain Duncan Smith and George Osborne destroying the poor, sick, and disabled than of Ed Miliband and Nicola Sturgeon destroying the UK.

  5. Ian

    The Tories say this nonsense because, in typical sociopath style, they really think other people are less intelligent that themselves.

    Problem is, there are too many people who are thick, the number of Conservative voters attests to that.

  6. casalealex

    Most of us reading this will not be old enough to remember the absolute trauma the British suffered at the news of the 1936 abdication.

    Many people appreciated Edward’s desire to modernise the monarchy and make it more accessible, but the British Establishment and aristocracy feared his treating their traditions and ceremonies with disdain, and many were offended by his abandonment of accepted social norms and mores.

    Incidents of nail biting, self flagellation, wearing of hair shirts, was experienced by the British Establishment, and so Edward eventually spoke about his inability to do his job as he would have wished, without the support of the woman he loved.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Nobody’s denying any of that. However, he was a Nazi sympathiser as well.

      1. casalealex

        Sorry Mike, looks like you did not realise this was an over the top ‘tongue in cheek’ opinion. And of course we should remember that he was a mate of Hitler, amongst others… Rothermere, and Prince Philip’s four sisters etc.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        No – didn’t get that. I find the possibility of hair shirt-wearing and self-flagellation entirely possible amongst our – shall we say, eccentric? – upper classes!

  7. Michael Broadhurst

    theresa may was quick to jump on the lord janner allegation,pity she wasn’t as quick
    to act when the allegations were being made against leon brittan.
    typical tory double standards.

  8. Thomas

    The Daily Wail has made itself a bit of a laughing stock. Only ten days left to go before we get a chance to kick out the Tories and their little yellow helpers.

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