Jenrick says Grenfell recommendations will be implemented. Get ready for ANOTHER u-turn

How can we believe a Tory claim that the recommendations of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry on safety for people living in flats will be put into practise? For a start, Robert Jenrick is the one making the claim and he’s as crooked as a nine-bob note (in This Writer’s experienced opinion)! The recommendations required flat owners or building managers in England and Wales to: Share information with their local fire service about the design of external walls and the materials used Carry out regular inspections of lifts and individual flat…

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This grandmother DIED weighing just three stone because the Tories LIED about reviewing benefits for the terminally ill

Christine McCluskey did not have to die in the humiliating way your Conservative government demanded. The 61-year-old grandmother had suffered long-term health problems most of her adult life including Crohn’s disease – which left her with a colostomy bag – osteoporosis, arthritis, a stroke and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This housebound lady had a feeding tube and a painful fistula that leaked through her abdominal wall, she was severely malnourished and was being investigated for a worrying cough at the time the Department for Work and Pensions assessed her for…

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Johnson’s promise of independent Covid-19 inquiry is worth as little as all his other vows

If you were relieved when Boris Johnson promised an independent inquiry into his government’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis, you’ve missed the point. Boris Johnson promises the world. He delivers very little – if not actually nothing at all. It costs him nothing to say he’ll have work done – and we should all know by now that he will spend nothing on the work. In fact, his response to Ed Davey’s question followed a classic pattern. He said: “I do not believe that now, in the middle of combating…

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Did 3,000 people HAVE to die penniless while the Tories fought court case over PIP for the terminally-ill?

It is one year since the Tories pledged to review their rules on which terminally-ill people could claim Personal Independence Payment – and it seems more than 3,000 would-be PIP claimants had to die before they were forced to do it by a court ruling. They died without receiving PIP, because they could not predict when they were likely to die. This Site celebrated like many others when Lorraine Cox won her case demanding a judicial review of the rules that said only people with particular terminal illness could claim PIP…

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Pledge to recruit 50,000 new NHS nurses in doubt – it’s a lie a day from Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s pledge to recruit 50,000 more NHS nurses is in doubt after the number coming from the EU fell again and (it says here) coronavirus prevented thousands of arrivals from the rest of the world. Here’s the Guardian: The prime minister made the promise a cornerstone of his general election campaign last year and has since reiterated many times his determination to deliver the increase. But annual data from the Nursing and Midwifery Council shows that the number of nurses and midwives from the European Economic Area (EEA) on its…

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Coronavirus: are people with disabilities being left to starve – in breach of the Tory government’s pledge?

Claims that some people with disabilities could slip through a government safety net and be left to starve are understated. Where is the safety net? According to Disability News Service, the government announced that 1.5 million disabled people had been categorised as “extremely vulnerable” to the virus and would receive regular deliveries of basic groceries if they do not have their own support network of friends and family. The list includes those with severe respiratory conditions, many people on immunosuppression therapies, and those with certain cancers. DNS quoted a disabled Baptist minister who…

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Coronavirus: zero-hours workers sacked en masse despite Tory government promises

Another Tory coronavirus promise bites the dust. Rishi Sunak promised that zero-hours workers would be covered by his promise to pay 80 per cent of employee wages, as long as they were on PAYE. But his promise depended on employers signing up to the deal, and many haven’t. Instead, the Department for Work and Pensions has been swamped with new claims for Universal Credit. The reason? Rishi Sunak said on Friday that workers on zero-hours contracts would be covered, as long as they were paid through PAYE. But many of…

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Chancellor’s Budget splurge reveals media hypocrisy

It seems Rishi Sunak has announced spending worth £640 billion in his Budget speech on Tuesday – to rapturous applause from the Tory-supporting media. That’s £140 billion more than the £500 billion offered by Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell in their Labour election manifesto last year – that the same media voices ridiculed in a (successful) bid to get more people to vote for the Tories. What has changed in less than four months, to make the Tory offer praiseworthy when Labour’s was dangerously reckless? And where’s the money coming…

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Not long now until Brexit – but what are the Tories planning next?

This short Twitter dialogue says it all. A hundred years or so ago, back during the EU referendum campaign, Brexiteers tried to fool us into thinking the UK would save £350 million a week – and all of the money could be diverted into funding the National Health Service. I suppose they thought it was a very funny joke, especially when it fooled so many of us into supporting the ‘Leave’ option. (Apparently it might have been a different story, had more of our population been better-educated. What does that say…

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Johnson has broken his minimum wage promise. Will his Tory manifesto be as worthless as May’s?

Boris Johnson has broken his manifesto promise to increase the “National Living Wage” (he means the minimum wage), within days of using it to win a landslide election victory. Page 14 of the Tory Manifesto states categorically: “In our first months, we announced an increase in the National Living Wage to two thirds of average earnings, currently forecast at £10.50 an hour, and widened its reach to everyone over 21. That means an average pay rise of £4,000 per year for four million people by 2024.” This was the flagship…

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