Labour’s stance on inflation: all mouth and no trousers

Keir Starmer and Rachel Reeves: their economic and anti-inflation policies aren’t intended to help working people in the slightest, it seems.

Cast your eyes over the following word salad from Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves, and This Writer’s own reply to it:

I call it “word salad” because that’s what it is – a random mixture of words and phrases suggestive of advanced schizophrenia.

Nothing in Rachel Reeves’s post actually means anything. She doesn’t explain how building the UK economy will boost growth, deliver jobs or bring down bills because she either doesn’t know – or knows that it won’t.

Most people are already in work, remember – so delivering more jobs won’t actually help unless they are better-paying jobs, and we already know that Keir Starmer’s Labour is against higher pay rises for working people. Like the Tories, that party is claiming such developments will only speed inflation.

And how does she expect to bring down bills? The cost of everything is still rising at the moment, albeit at a slower speed. Economists say if goods and services became cheaper, that might trigger a recession. So it seems this is not possible.

Making bills cheaper in real terms – as a percentage of household income – is impossible because Reeves will do nothing to increase wages for the lowest-paid workers.

Angela Rayner said much the same when challenged by the BBC’s Sally Nugent:

She mentions getting waiting lists down so more people are work, and paying properly for public services – but these require more spending by the government. Does that mean Labour will tax the people more? Otherwise we’re into another inflationary spiral.

And which people will Labour tax, if it has to? The working poor or the super-rich? Given the number of Labour representatives who are receiving massive donations from the super-rich, I think we all know the answer to that.

Here’s a social media post from “The Labour Party”, highlighting a Sky News article:

The article itself doesn’t mention anything Keir Starmer’s party would do until its penultimate paragraph, in which – amid the now-familiar nonsense mantra about boosting growth, boosting wages and bringing down bills, Shadow Economic Secretary Tulip Siddiq states:

“If Labour were in power today, we would introduce a proper windfall tax on the huge profits the oil and gas giants are making to help families with the cost of living.

So Starmer’s answer is indeed taxing somebody to keep extra government spending from boosting inflation.

Well, he’d better hope there’s an election soon because otherwise those energy firms will have given away all those profits as shareholder dividends and… Didn’t Starmer already promise not to tax wealth?

Here’s a thought:

Rather than make a big fuss while talking a lot of nonsense, why not have a look around the world at economies that actually work for their people and see what they’re doing right that the UK isn’t?

They could start with Denmark, perhaps:

The fact that Keir Starmer’s crowd is not doing that – is actually refusing to consider practical, proven alternatives, suggests that there is no intention to change the situation. not by one iota.

Starmer and his motley crew know you are being hammered by the high cost of living, every day.

We must conclude that it is Labour policy to continue grinding your face into the dirt.

3 thoughts on “Labour’s stance on inflation: all mouth and no trousers

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  2. Stu

    The sooner Media Presenters challenge this Spin, the sooner (some) of the public may start to wonder what they’re being told.
    Problem being is that they are either being paid via the Government or via the Fatcats who own the Channel.
    In the meantime, Entreprenuer Hunt, Billionnare Sunak and all their buddies are stuffing their pockets on the way out of the door – But who says it will stop with Starmer?

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