Boris Johnson’s plan for Covid-19 ignores one significant detail: reality

Boris Johnson has announced a plan to return the UK to “significant normality” by Christmas but there’s just one problem. If Covid-19 behaves like other betacoronaviruses – and there’s no reason it should not – then it will certainly break out again, all over the UK, in the autumn (around November). As Johnson is doing everything he can to get everybody back to work again before then – he has just announced that his “work from home if you can” edict will expire on August 1, allowing employers to force…

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Tory stupidity over Covid-19 is monumental – and increasing all the time. Would you like some examples?

I’ve been compiling a little file. It’s marked “Tory Covid-19 stupidity”. When I say it’s little, I mean it is huge – and getting bigger all the time. Would you like to read some of the examples I’ve found over the last week or so? Let’s have a look: Possibly the stupidest idea the Tories had was to remove England’s chief nurse, Ruth May, from Downing Street press conferences after she refused to support government advisor Dominic Cummings. The incident happened on June 1, two days after England’s deputy chief…

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Coronavirus: half a year before normality resumes – because of Tory stupidity

They’ll never admit it but if it does take half a year or more before people in the UK are allowed to resume their normal lives, it’s because of the stupidity of our Conservative government. And if the lockdown lasts as long – or almost – that will be because of Tory stupidity too. Boris Johnson’s letter saying the situation will worsen before it gets better is nothing more than we should all expect. England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Jenny Harries, said the number of deaths is likely to worsen…

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VIDEO – Johnson’s greatest flops: it’s been a bad week to be a Tory

The first full week of the general election campaign could not have gone worse for Boris Johnson. It was like a re-run of the Conservative government’s greatest flops since it came into office in 2010, starting with Boris Johnson’s disgusting failure to respond to the flooding crisis in the north, and ending with the Bolton blaze, accelerated by cladding – two years after dozens were killed in Grenfell Tower. The opinion polls might have said the opposite, but he started out in a terrible situation – caused by his own…

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What does James Brokenshire have to say about the homeless man who died outside Parliament?

While Tories tried to accuse Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of saying something he didn’t in Parliament, a drama of a different kind was unfolding just a few metres outside the building – where a homeless man died on the street. The man, believed to be a 45-year-old Hungarian named Gyula Remef, was said to have taken the street drug Spice, and was also said to have been drinking. At first sight, this supports the claims of Housing Secretary James Brokenshire, who has said the rise in rough sleeping was due…

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Tories ‘dead cat’ claim about Corbyn hides huge PMQs defeat for May – over Brexit

What a hypocritical shambles the Conservative Party has become – desperately roping their friends in the mainstream news media into a lie about Jeremy Corbyn to prevent them from reporting the way he humiliated Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions over her crap Brexit “deal”. Once again, Mr Corbyn wiped the floor with the woman who still masquerades as a competent prime minister. He rightly pointed out that the Prime Minister has plunged this country into a national crisis. She refused Parliament the right to vote on her Brexit deal. She…

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Hammond admits the fact about austerity that This Site has been trumpeting since day one

Have a gander at this infoclip, courtesy of Evolve Politics: The Tory Chancellor @PhilipHammondUK just admitted that his own party's austerity policies are the stupid way to try and cut the national debt, adding that economic investment – such as that proposed by @jeremycorbyn and the @UKLabour Party – is actually the "smart" option. — Evolve Politics (@evolvepolitics) November 8, 2018 That’s exactly what This Site (and other like-minded commentators) has been broadcasting since Vox Political started back in 2011: Austerity as a way of paying off the national debt…

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Cameron’s ‘preferential treatment’ offer to council leader breached ministerial code – claim

Wednesday really wasn’t a good day to be David Cameron. First he was labelled stupid, for failing to realise what his cuts to local government funding actually meant. Then he was called a hypocrite, for claiming that Oxfordshire County Council – his own local authority – should not cut particular services; services that were only endangered because of his cuts. Now – most seriously – he has been accused of breaching the ministerial code, by offering help to the same authority that could only be provided by the prime minister,…

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Clueless Cameron has never considered the true impact of his cuts – until now

David Cameron will go down in history as the British Prime Minister who was so out-of-touch with the impact of his own policies that the leader of his local council – who is a member of the same political party – had to spell it out to him “as if to a slow learner”. Now, Cameron’s letter of protest to Oxfordshire County Council has prompted the Labour Party to accuse him of hypocrisy – supporting harsh cuts while pretending not to know their implication for the country. In fact, it…

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Hypocrisy of those who’ll support policies – until they see who’s behind them

This is what some of us are really fighting. In advance of an expected win by Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership election, BBC1’s The One Show put former Tory MP Giles Brandreth on the streets of… Guildford, I think… where he asked passers-by if they supported certain political policies. Those who did (at least, those shown on the programme) were then shocked to discover that they were supporters of Mr Corbyn’s policies. And what did they do? They backed away, that’s what. Did everything they could to distance themselves…

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