Tories ‘dead cat’ claim about Corbyn hides huge PMQs defeat for May – over Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn: He was saying, “Stupid people,” in reference to Tory backbenchers who didn’t have the intelligence to do anything other than parrot a pantomime response to Theresa May’s inanities.

What a hypocritical shambles the Conservative Party has become – desperately roping their friends in the mainstream news media into a lie about Jeremy Corbyn to prevent them from reporting the way he humiliated Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions over her crap Brexit “deal”.

Once again, Mr Corbyn wiped the floor with the woman who still masquerades as a competent prime minister. He rightly pointed out that the Prime Minister has plunged this country into a national crisis. She refused Parliament the right to vote on her Brexit deal. She said that she did that to seek “further assurances”; she failed. She is now claiming that she is still seeking further assurances while all the time running down the clock on the alternatives, so he asked the Prime Minister to explain when the European Council will meet to approve the changes that it has already ruled out.

She could not.

So Mr Corbyn pointed out that MPs should have had the vote a week ago. There are no meetings of the EU Council scheduled until 21 March, and the EU has been very clear: there are no more negotiations, clarifications or meetings. The Prime Minister will be bringing back the same deal she pulled last week; this is an intolerable situation, and she is simply playing for time. She had said she was seeking further political and legal assurances in relation to the Northern Irish “backstop” and must clearly set out how she will achieve those legally binding assurances before the House is due to return on 7 January.

She would not. She said she would indeed have further discussions with her EU counterparts but provided no verifiable specifics – so we must infer that this was wishful thinking.

So Mr Corbyn pointed out what most of us must know – that Mrs May has been stalling for time. Peter Stefanovic takes up the story in the following video clip:

It isn’t on the mainstream media because the poor little snowflakes who run those newspapers and TV channels can’t cope with anything more substantial than gossip and tittle-tattle, as this story demonstrates. You want intelligent discussion? Come to the left-wing social media – but of course you already have, and I am preaching to the converted.

Mr Corbyn continued:

And how did Mrs May respond?

She engaged her own backbenchers in a mocking pantomime call-and-response routine that had most of us cringing with embarrassment

She said: “I know it is the Christmas season and the pantomime season, but what do we see from the Labour Front Bench and the Leader of the Opposition? He is going to put a confidence vote. Oh yes he is!” To this, her MPs replied, “Oh no he isn’t!”

She had clearly lost the argument – and lost it badly.

At this point, Mr Corbyn muttered some words under his breath. Conservative MPs spotted it and accused him of misogynistic language, claiming he had called Mrs May a “stupid woman”. Let’s examine that:

It certainly looks more like “stupid people” to me, although I admit I’m not an expert lip-reader. Let’s have another look:

That’s good enough for some:

Indeed, Mr Corbyn returned to the Commons later in the day to confirm that this was what he had said (although I doubt he had read Rachael’s tweet, above):

That was enough for some, who (correctly) called the outcry a distraction tactic intended to draw attention away from the national crisis Mrs May has caused:

And who can deny that Mr Corbyn was right to refer to the braying Tories who participated in Mrs May’s pantomime call-and-response nonsense as “stupid people”?

Consider this, also:

It’s true: Austerity has hit women far harder than men, and Mrs May restored the Tory whip to an alleged rapist last week – along with an actual sex pest.

And it was an act of extreme hypocrisy for the Tories expressing outrage at Mr Corbyn’s alleged words to defend Mrs May:

What about this point?

But media types were already joining in the attack on Mr Corbyn – and getting ridiculed for it. Joe Pike is a political correspondent for ITV:

If you are uncertain about what Mr Corbyn said, consider the following, from a Twitter user called “Alison”, who is deaf – and the response she received:

I love the reaction from Tom Clark, author of Another Angry Voice:

This one’s pretty good, too:

By now, the mainstream media were taking a hammering for their position:

Let’s highlight two examples in particular:

Of course the elephant in this particular room is the hypocrisy of the Conservative MPs and their aides in the media. Francesca Martinez approaches the point subtly:

Laura Smith MP was less circumspect:

And if you need a tangible example of the Tory hypocrisy on-screen, right now, consider Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, who called one of his fellow Conservative MPs a “stupid woman”. Why should he be allowed to get away with it when Mr Corbyn is accused of misogyny and abusive behaviour?

Unity News is mistaken about the date – the incident happened back in July. Here’s a link to a news story about it:

What can we possibly conclude?

That Mr Corbyn did not use abusive or misogynistic language, and that his words accurately described the behaviour of the members opposite him at the time he spoke them.

That Conservative MPs who accused Mr Corbyn are hypocrites, for the reasons mentioned above, and that their hypocrisy arises from an attempt to distract the public from the substantive issue – Mrs May’s failure to negotiate an acceptable Brexit deal, and the national crisis that she has caused.

That the members of the mainstream media who supported this nonsense should be seen as clowns instead of impartial news reporters. You don’t need to give them any more of your attention.

And that Mrs May needs to answer Mr Corbyn’s questions in a much more tangible way – preferably before MPs disband for Christmas.

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9 thoughts on “Tories ‘dead cat’ claim about Corbyn hides huge PMQs defeat for May – over Brexit

  1. justin

    try this, when you dealing with stupid people, join the tory, they need more of this class, if this is the trash that comes out of top colleges, no wonder the countries knackered

  2. Liam

    Whatever he said, does it matter? People are too easily offended nowadays. Churchill, Wilson, even Thatcher would have come back with a witty reply to any similar comment and it wouldn’t have even made the news.

  3. Neilth

    The comment, whatever it was was made sotto voce so it’s only us amateur lip readers who are commenting. But I’m confused is it calling May stupid or calling her a woman they are objecting to?

  4. Wanda Lozinska

    People on Twitter are supportive. Whatever Jeeemy may or may not have said, they agree that May is both a woman and that she’s stupid! Certainly her behaviour and that of her MPs was more than stupid at yesterday’s PMQs. The noise they made was awful; worse than feeding time at a zoo! A National embarrassment

  5. nmac064

    Without doubt, to describe Theresa May as “stupid” is a massive understatement. I would say that May is thoroughly dishonest, corrupt, nasty and unbelievably stupid.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I would certainly agree with that. But of course, Mr Corbyn did not describe her as stupid.

  6. Gary Burn

    I dont’t quite understand the problem. Is Theresa May a woman ? Yes. Is Theresa May stupid ? A more difficult question but looking at her track record as PM for 2+ years I would conclude that yes she is. What is wrong with calling a stupid woman “stupid woman”? I wonder if calling David Cameron a “stupid man” , which he obviously is for calling the referendum and starting this Brexit catastrophe in the first place, would have resulted in similar outrage. I think not. It’s therefore sexist not to call May a stupid woman.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I think the point is that Mr Corbyn didn’t call Mrs May a stupid woman at all. He didn’t call her anything. He was referring to the Tory backbenchers who were supporting her in a pantomime call-and-response as stupid people.

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