Survey shows there IS a culture of bullying in Priti Patel’s Home Office

It’s official, then: Priti Patel presides over a culture of bullying and intimidation at the Home Office. The issue came to public attention when Sir Philip Rutnam resigned as Permanent Secretary for the HO, saying he would be taking Ms Patel to court for constructive dismissal. He said there had been a “vicious and orchestrated” plot against him, and that he was offered a bribe to stop him from launching court action, in what we must conclude was an attempt to keep it from becoming a matter of public knowledge.…

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DWP hires opinion poll firm to survey benefit claimants who challenge decisions. Why?

Our friends at Benefits and Work pose an interesting question: why has the DWP hired an opinion poll company – Ipsos Mori – to quiz PIP mandatory reconsideration claimants? The rogue government department has been caught out recently, after a Freedom of Information request revealed that assessors from private contractors Atos and Capita have falsified around 7,300 benefit claims in order to deprive vulnerable people of money that is due to them. Appeals against PIP decisions currently enjoy a success rate of more than 70 per cent, which tends to support the…

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Raise taxes on the rich, voters tell Johnson. They’ll be disappointed – it was never in his manifesto

The Independent reckons Boris Johnson is facing a dilemma after a survey found voters who gave him his election landslide want him to raise taxes on the rich. There’s just one problem: That was never a Conservative manifesto promise so he’s under no obligation to do anything of the sort. Did these people not realise that they were voting for the promises the Tories put in their manifesto? Voters have never had the right to make demands on a government after putting it in power. And I know it must seem unfair,…

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More working people than ever are struggling to survive

Terrifying new information from the Trade Union Congress has shown that millions of working people are struggling to survive due to poverty. The TUC poll suggests 20 per cent of working people – one-fifth of the more-than-30-million-strong working population – skip meals because they can’t afford the food. One in five workers go without heating during cold weather. One in 10 fall into rent or mortgage arrears because they can’t pay on time. And one in five have pawned or sold belongings because they needed the money. Asked how they would…

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As ‘re-admit Chris Williamson’ demands swell, Labour’s leaders sit on their thumbs

When less than 200 MPs, peers and staff wrote to demand Chris Williamson’s re-suspension after his Labour membership was restored following an investigation into false allegations of anti-Semitism, general secretary Jennie Formby acted at once. Now more than 6,000 party members have demanded that this decision be reversed, and she has done nothing at all. Why? To put this in proportionate terms, more than 30 times the number of Labour members who had Mr Williamson re-suspended have said the decision should be reversed. Labour is supposedly a democratic party and…

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Tom Watson surveys his Twitter followers on Brexit and HuffPost thinks it means something

The sheer muddle-headed stupidity of this is astounding. The Huffington Post has reported the results of a survey of his Twitter followers by Tom Watson as if it represents the views of Labour Party members. Tom Watson is a hugely divisive man whose pronouncements against current Labour policy have alienated him from huge numbers of the party membership. Anyone who has actually criticised him on this behaviour tends to be blocked from viewing/responding to his Twitter account. So the following headline – and the article to which it links – should…

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Survey shows Britain wants to remain in EU – so the Mail concocts a blatant May-supporting LIE

How many people will be fooled by this fake news – and this fake newspaper? The Daily Mail‘s front page yesterday (November 28) stated that a Survation poll showed the British people believe Theresa May’s comprehensively-rubbished Brexit deal is “the best on offer” – a meaningless claim as it is the only deal on offer, but how many Heil readers are going to recognise that? The article stated: “Voters want Tory MPs to rally behind Theresa May’s Brexit deal, a poll shows today. “According to the Survation survey for the Daily Mail, 52…

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While Theresa May waffles about quitting the EU, the British public now want to stay

I’ll just leave this here, on the day after Theresa May’s hopelessly misjudged Brexit speech. If the EU referendum was held again, Remain would win, according to a new poll. The British public have turned their backs on the idea of Brexit just as Theresa May heads to Florence to make a key speech on her plans for a post-European future. The new poll shows that the results would flip, with 52 per cent now backing staying put, and 48 backing leaving, a little over a year since the landmark…

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This should kill any further claims that left-wingers are behind online abuse

After this, anyone who still wants to claim the Left is responsible for most online abuse will deserve some! The Tories often like to claim the Left is abusive, especially online. But a new survey by Amnesty International of abuse received by women MPs in the run-up to the last election clearly shows that online abuse in Britain comes overwhelmingly from the Right: And the MP who easily receives the most abuse is Britain’s first female black MP Diane Abbott: Hats off to Diane for taking such industrial scale horrific abuse so fearlessly. You can…

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Economists agree: Austerity is bad for you

You may have seen the infographic above on the social media yesterday. Today, this blog received confirmation of its claims from the Centre For Macroeconomics. The CFM’s survey asked: Do you agree that the austerity policies of the coalition government have had a positive effect on aggregate economic activity (employment and GDP) in the UK?” The response was clear: Only 15 per cent agreed, 18 per cent neither agreed nor disagreed, and 66 per cent disagreed. According to the CFM: “Ignoring those who sat on the fence, 19 per cent agree and 81 per…

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