#BorisJohnson wants to dictate when – and WHETHER – #elections take place – as #VoxPolitical warned you

Remember last December when This Site warned the UK electorate that Boris Johnson’s manifesto said, “We will impose an indefinite Conservative government”? It means he planned to stay in power just as long as he wanted to, with no election unless he felt like it. And the UK electorate ignored the warning and voted for him in what may be the last democratic election to take place in this country. Do you think that’s overstating the case? If so, you haven’t been paying attention. Johnson intends to repeal the Human…

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You can’t trust the Tories. But did their lies manage to convince you at the election?

The Tories lied blatantly to win the 2019 general election, according to research from King’s College, London. Tactics to mislead the public included  altering a video of Sir Keir Starmer and posing as a fact-checker on Twitter during a leaders’ debate. The clip was edited to show the current Labour leader, then shadow Brexit secretary, failing to answer a question on the EU when in fact he had responded to it in a live television interview. The report said the Tories also deliberately shared “poorly formatted and low-quality” posts on social media, including…

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Grossly distorted report by Starmer supporters predictably blames Corbyn for Labour election defeat

Why are the media making such a fuss about a right-wing report that blames Labour’s defeat in the last general election on the party’s then – lefty – leader? It makes the blood boil to read the distortions in this so-called report, put together by a cabal of Starmer-supporting right-wingers with an anti-Corbyn chip on their collective shoulder who have the cheek to brand themselves “Labour Together”! Labour backstabbers, more like! It should be no surprise that all the major members of Labour Together now have prominent roles in the…

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De Niro torpedoes Trump: ‘he doesn’t care how many Americans die of coronavirus’

Hollywood acting legend Robert de Niro took to UK TV screens yesterday with a scathing attack on US president Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The multi-Oscar winning movie star, who has a longstanding record of political comment, told BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis that the atmosphere around Trump was “almost Shakespearian”: “It’s like Shakespearean the whole thing” – actor Robert de Niro on how the coronavirus outbreak is being handled in the US#Newsnight pic.twitter.com/k64t3Mhcl9 — BBC Newsnight (@BBCNewsnight) May 12, 2020 It would be hard to deny the evidence:…

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Labour asks police to investigate death threats & abuse on staff said to have sabotaged election campaign

The Daily Mirror seems to have headlined its story wrongly. We’re told Labour has asked police to investigate claims that party staff worked for a Tory election victory – and against a win for Labour under Jeremy Corbyn. But the article itself only states that Death threats and abuse against staff involved have been reported and police called as the wide-ranging probe gets under way. To This Writer, the article seems to be saying the exact opposite of the headline. The investigation is about protecting the staff alleged to have sabotaged…

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LabourLeaks: will party leaders take disciplinary action while inquiry is ongoing?

The scope of an investigation into the leaked Labour report on a right-wing faction’s interference will not stop party members being suspended and investigated for improper behaviour, it seems. So it is entirely possible for Keir Starmer and his team to suspend the memberships of all those who are named as responsible for misconduct in their roles as party officers, investigate what happened alongside the investigation into the report, and finally expel them if necessary. The investigation’s full terms of reference have yet to be published but a LabourList report states…

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Labourleaks: right-wingers on NEC try to suspend people they suspect – without evidence

Wow, the new right-wing-dominated Labour National Executive Committee really is something, isn’t it? Apparently, at its meeting today, certain unnamed extremists called for the suspension of people they suspect of leaking the Labour report showing right-wing factional interference in anti-Semitism investigations and in general elections. Did they have any evidence? No! It’s like the run-up to the party’s leadership election in 2016, all over again. We can only surmise that these specimens were engaging in exactly the kind of factionalism that the report highlighted. If anything were to show that its…

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Who is the worst threat to Labour over the leaked report on right-wing factionalism?

How surprising to see The Guardian reporting on a financial threat to Labour after a report was leaked alleging misconduct by party officers that meant the party lost the 2017 general election! Instead of stating that rank-and-file party members were getting together to demand their subscriptions – that they could argue were taken under false pretences as party officers were working against winning the election… I found that the people accused of the misconduct are planning to sue the party for defamation and data protection offences. On one hand I am…

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The Labour leak made a big fuss of the 2017 election – why aren’t we talking about last year’s?

We’ve all heard the claims from the leaked Labour report into factionalism in the party that interfered with anti-Semitism investigations – it also stopped the party winning the 2017 election. Nothing was done about the right-wing faction that was said to be sabotaging Labour’s election hopes. While some of the faces changed, we may take it as read that the same attitudes prevailed in Labour HQ – even after last year’s Panorama documentary, Is Labour Antisemitic?, revealed the rot at the heart of the party (although the perpetrators were claiming to be…

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If Labour gets another right-wing leader the party will be unelectable for a generation

At long last, the Labour leadership election is about to end. Members have been voting since long before now, so This Writer won’t be influencing the result by pointing out: If a right-winger like Keir Starmer or Lisa Nandy is elected, the party will be unelectable – and here’s why: It’s attitude will be wrong. You see, right-wing Labour is small-minded and vindictive, and also unimaginative. In policy it is too close to the Conservatives – and we already have them, so Labour won’t win more votes from that party than…

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