Tory NHS lies may derail election campaign after health bosses highlight staffing crisis

Remember when Tories from Boris Johnson down were falling over themselves to boast about building 40 new hospitals? Then they were fact-checked, and it turned out there was enough money for just six NHS trusts that had a hospital in deperate need of rebuilding. A further 21 trusts were earmarked for “seed” funding, to help plans that would not come to fruition until the end of the next decade. So the “40 new hospitals” claim was a big lie, really. And now NHS leaders are making dire warnings about under-staffing…

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Tory candidates banned from pledges on NHS or climate – so BOTH are in danger

Doesn’t this say everything about the two-faced Tories? While they tell us they will protect our National Health Service and fight climate change, the Conservative Party leadership has told its candidates not to make any promises about either of them. The message is clear: The Tories will sell our NHS. And they will pursue policies that will harm the environment beyond the point of no return. There is only one way to stop this insanity: A Labour government. Conservative candidates in the general election will be told not to sign up to specific…

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Remembrance Day travesty: While Corbyn pledges to house homeless veterans, his critics carp about his coat

  . Anybody catching this year’s Remembrance Day ceremony on television this year will have spotted Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn wearing an anoark rather than the black overcoat worn by many of his fellow wreath-laying political leaders – as you can see in the image above I did. I wasn’t actually taking part in any events this year so I had a chance to sit down and watch it instead. I was pleased to see Mr Corbyn’s choice of coat because it meant he stood out from the crowd…

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Is Labour’s plan to relieve credit card debt really controversial?

Some commentators are tutting about John McDonnell’s plan to limit credit card interest repayments to twice the amount borrowed. They say it may reduce the discouraging effect – people would no longer be put off borrowing when they can’t afford it. But Conservative policies have driven people into the hands of payday lenders who charge huge rates of interest anyway! People are being forced into debt by Tory pay repression and benefit persecution. In such an environment, Mr McDonnell’s pledge must be welcome. If not, why not? People trapped in…

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Tory NHS pledge is ‘fantasy funding’

The Conservative Party must be getting very desperate indeed. Faced with the failure of the plan to belittle Ed Miliband, the Tories are making a belated attempt to take some of Labour’s policy ground with a promise to provide £8 billion extra, every year, for the NHS. From where? The Conservatives have already told us they will be squeezing the economy by (at least) £30 billion over the next five years – if they remain in office. The National Health Service is ring-fenced from those cuts, we are told, but…

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Positive campaign announcement of the day: Labour will save Sure Start centres

A Labour Government will save Sure Start and double the number of childcare places provided at them to more than 118,000. Labour will introduce a new statutory obligation on Sure Start to provide access to child care – as well as giving them new powers to open up their doors to charities and local providers so the whole community can use them. The aim is to make the best use of these public buildings, re-establishing them as family hubs in the community and reaching more families than ever before. Labour says the alternative under a…

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What’s the point of a ‘Cameron’ job that can’t make work pay?

There are several reasons we should be sceptical about David Cameron’s pledge to make the UK a nation of ‘full employment’. Firstly, his campaign poster has lied about his record so far. Why should anyone believe his claims about what he’ll do in the future? Secondly, everybody knows that the Tories’ rubbish neoliberal ideology demands a large number of people have to be unemployed, in order to keep wages down – and Cameron very much wants the UK to remain a low-wage economy. Thirdly, look at the jobs he has…

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Tories to miss immigration targets despite Cameron’s pledge

Remember when David Cameron pledged to get immigration into the UK down from the hundreds of thousands into the tens of thousands? He and his party are trying to wipe that from history. They’ve got a history of doing that with their mistakes. Do you also remember when the Tories’ pre-2010 election pledges were wiped from their websites? On immigration, Cameron pledged to get it below 100,000 per year – but now his own spokesman describes it as an “objective” and Theresa May, the Home Secretary who was charged with achieving…

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First Tory election bribe is announced – and its about pensions

The Conservatives have announced the first of what will probably be many pre-election bribes, saying they will end a tax on ‘defined contribution’ pension pots that kicks in when the recipient dies. At the moment, the government takes 55 per cent of untouched money in such pension pots, and from pensions that have not been used at all. From April 2015, inheritors will only pay the marginal income tax rate, or no tax at all if the deceased was under 75 and the pension is left untouched, according to reports.…

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Ed Miliband’s policies backed by public – The Guardian

Here’s some information that will enrage everybody who has been campaigning so ardently for the downfall of the Labour Party – people who have been duped by Lynton Crosby and (north of the border) the SNP. The Guardian has revealed the following: Over 70 per cent of the public are in favour of Miliband’s policy to fund the NHS with extra taxes on tobacco companies and mansions, according to a new poll. Every one of Ed Miliband’s pledges from his speech yesterday has popular public support. A new Survation poll for…

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