May’s Brexit disaster goes unreported as Britain is blocked from $1.7 TRILLION in WTO projects | Pride’s Purge

This is very important from Pride’s Purge – but take a look at some of the countries that have blocked the UK from access to this $1.7 trillion market. For example – the USA. Isn’t Theresa May cosying up to the States, in the hope that Donald Trump will provide succour to the UK in its years of need post-Brexit? Here we see that country kicking the UK in the metaphorical teeth. And the UK’s slavishly-Tory mass media have said nothing about it. You are being betrayed by your government and by…

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Who’s the bigger embarrassment? The police – or Nigel Farage and his cronies?

Congratulations to Tom Pride for pointing out this travesty: When it comes to fighting terrorists, Nigel Farage’s team and UKIP supporters seem to think our heroic police are an “embarrassment” to the country. Farage’s head of communications is someone called Dan Jukes. Jukes sarcastically tweeted yesterday that British police are no match for terrorists after officers were seen dancing at a Manchester parade: And when Farage supporters crawled out of the social media woodwork to call British police officers an “embarrassment” – Farage’s hand-picked communications director agreed: Our police might be able to…

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BBC hides important evidence to present rosy picture of ‘hard’ Brexit

This is why politics needs the social media – you can’t trust the mainstream news sources to provide balanced coverage any more. They attack sites like Pride’s Purge, claiming they are produced by people who are “not proper reporters”, and then published biased material like this. And then they claim – with ever-more improbably vehemence – to be impartial! It’s all just further proof that This Writer – and I am a “proper reporter”, by the way – was lucky not to have been employed by BBC Online back in the…

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Campaign crackers: Facedesk

From Tom Pride: The 2015 UK election campaign is likely to be a hotbed of political humour and Vox Political needs a good laugh. Please send us any likely candidates for laughter so we can pass them on to the general public. Follow me on Twitter: @MidWalesMike Join the Vox Political Facebook page. If you have enjoyed this article, don’t forget to share it using the buttons at the bottom of this page. Politics is about everybody – so let’s try to get everybody involved! Vox Political needs your help!…

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Court fees for small businesses and personal injury claimants to rise by 600 per cent

That’s right – 600 per cent. People suing for debts or to recover compensation for personal injury may have to pay an up-front fee of £10,000 or more to have access to the courts after the House of Lords approved a statutory instrument implementing the price hike. The government reckons it will bring an extra £120 million to the Treasury, with justice minister Lord Faulks arguing that the increase would not affect the majority of cases and was necessary to fund the court service. But Lord Pannick, arguing against the change, warned it…

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UKIP supporters claim Ed Miliband is Muslim and will introduce sharia law – Pride’s Purge

Just when you thought UKIP had gone quiet for good, here’s Tom Pride: UKIP supporters – in the comments section of a photograph posted on the Facebook page of UKIP candidate Michael Wrench – are claiming Labour leader Ed Miliband is a Muslim and will introduce sharia law if he becomes PM: Yes, I know, I thought it was a joke too. But when challenged and informed by an anti-UKIP poster that Ed Miliband is in fact Jewish – and an atheist – the UKIP supporter decided to expound on his unusual theory: Just to clarify,…

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Despite all its efforts, UKIP continues to be a bad joke

The United Kingdom Independence Party continues to provide more material for the gossip columns of newspapers than for their political coverage. No less than three articles appeared on other blogs last night (Friday), bringing the Party That Loves The Media into ridicule. First we had The Critique Archives‘ joke, based on the howler committed by Kipper councillor Victoria Ayling while she was discussing renewable energy. Then Pride’s Purge weighed in with the revelation of the “jaw-dropping” remarks made by another (now-former) UKIP councillor, Rozanne Duncan. Perhaps even more jaw-dropping was…

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Joshua ‘Moronic Troll’ Bonehill: Fuehrer without a leaderguard – Beastrabban\’s Weblog

Here’s an example of the British Far Right at its worst. Before the Beast blogged the following about him, the name of Joshua Bonehill was already known to Yr Obdt Srvt – he is due in court soon, for creating a website in a friend’s name and using it to claim the other person was a paedophile. A nasty piece of work indeed – but don’t take this writer’s word for it; here’s the Beast: Remember Joshua Bonehill? Tom Pride over at Pride’s Purge blogged about him a year or…

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UKIP candidate dropped after comments on ‘the plague of interracial marriage’ – Pride’s Purge

    Tom Pride has uncovered another gem – UKIP have had to drop another election candidate – let’s repeat that – election candidate after he encouraged his supporters to share and ‘like’ a neo-Nazi article on the ‘plague of interracial marriage’. Mark Walker had published a link to the offending article on his Facebook page; it was originally shared by Greek neo-Nazis, Golden Dawn. According to Tom, “Walker refused to apologise and blamed the press for exposing his far-right racist views.” As one Vox Political commenter put it: “It’s crazy.…

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Breathtaking hypocrisy: Germany owes Greece 11 billion euros in unpaid loans – Pride’s Purge

UPDATE July 6, 2015: Greece has decisively rejected austerity, after a referendum in which voters refused the terms of an international bailout. “In 1943, Germany forced the Bank of Greece to lend it two loans worth 11 billion euros in today’s money. And Germany has still not paid back the debt,” writes Tom Pride. “Which – considering the Germans have been bleating on and on and bloody on about how the Greeks should honour their present debts – is a case of breathtaking hypocrisy writ large, I’d say.” He’s got a very good point…

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