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Here’s an example of the British Far Right at its worst. Before the Beast blogged the following about him, the name of Joshua Bonehill was already known to Yr Obdt Srvt – he is due in court soon, for creating a website in a friend’s name and using it to claim the other person was a paedophile.

A nasty piece of work indeed – but don’t take this writer’s word for it; here’s the Beast:

Remember Joshua Bonehill? Tom Pride over at Pride’s Purge blogged about him a year or so ago. He’s the Hitler wannabe, who boasted at he had at least 20,000 + followers on Twitter. He was trying to set up his own Far Right party and was appealing for men to join his ‘Leader Guard’. This was to be the new Praetorian guard to march with and protect him as Fuehrer of the new British extreme Right. Mr Pride was alarmed as one of his Twitter followers was a British army colonel.

I thought that Bonehill and his dreams of Nazi Fuehrertum were so bonkers that it had to be a wind-up. Surely someone, who was so obviously trying to be early 21st Century’s Britain’s own Adolf couldn’t possibly be serious?

I was wrong.

He was.

Last week was Holocaust memorial week, and the country remembered the liberation of the Nazi Death Camps and the almost unbelievable horror that was perpetuated there. The surviving inmates, some well into their nineties, told their stories.

At the same time this was going, Bonehill was planning a Nazi march against the 20,000 strong Jewish community of Stamford Hill in London.

Think that’s bad? Try this list from the anti-far right site EDL News:

  • Bonehill attempted to organise a demonstration in Cardiff last year under his National British Resistance Political party. The party consisted of two other people, one with learning difficulties who he scammed for £500. He did not show up, neither did his friends.
  • His Woolwich Strong t-shirt sales scam saw him allegedly net over £1000. According to our sources, none of the money has been given to the Lee Rigby fund. A grand total of £5 went to Help for Heroes and then rest he put down as administrative costs.
  • Bonehill’s online popularity seems to stem from spending lots of money buying Facebook likes and Twitter followers from countries such as Pakistan, India and Turkey in order to make himself look more popular. Much of that money went down the pan recently when both Twitter and Facebook kicked him off their networks.
  • According to locals, Bonehill is allegedly banned from a large supermarket chain nationwide for getting drunk and trying to defecate in the aisle of the cosmetics department, before being forcibly removed by security guards. We cannot corroborate this story ourselves but a number of witnesses have confirmed the story.
  • Bonehill has a conviction for using his Conservative party membership card to break into a police station and steal uniforms. When caught he assaulted a police officer.
  • He is allegedly banned from the Mermaid pub in Yeovil after one of the barmaids had him up against the wall by his throat and threw him out for reasons we are unable to disclose. Again, a number of local people have confirmed this.
  • Drink seems to be a major factor in Bonehill’s life according to most people we spoke to which explains the online bravado exhibited.
  • He is awaiting sentencing on five charges of harassment and two charges of malicious communications arising from undertaking lengthy and concerted campaigns branding as paedophiles, people who disagreed and outwitted him online (no hard task).
  • After pleading guilty to a hoax which claimed the Globe Pub in Leicester has refused service to a soldier, the BBC described him as a ‘moronic troll’.

The thing about this idiot is that, despite this writer’s friend having done everything he could to get rid of the “moronic troll”, he persisted with a course of action that led into court.

With a list of previous offences as long as his undoubtedly is, how stupid can one man be?

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  1. James Marvin February 3, 2015 at 8:20 pm - Reply

    Why devote an article to this joker? All this exposure only feeds his fantasy and feeds his habit of harrasing people online!

    Why encourage him Mike? You are better than that!

    • Mike Sivier February 4, 2015 at 1:01 am - Reply

      He targeted a friend of mine.
      Incidentally, I unexpectedly picked up a huge volume of new supporters, just because of this article.

      • James Marvin February 4, 2015 at 11:15 am - Reply

        Yeah, a lot of people are keeping an eye on this clown. I have been following his story since before the Globe pub hoax. I had a run in with this joker myself a few years ago. But still, I stand by the idea that he is best ignored.

        He seems to thrive on negative publicity. In his mind, he interprets it as ‘popularity’ and in part he isn’t entirely wrong since he has aquired a few supporters who are just as mentally deficient as he is.

        It never ceases to amaze me that there are people out there who are willing to support this clown based on the idea of ‘free speech’ and Bonehill himself is holding himself up as a free speech ‘martyr’ to justify his own BS.

        IF everyone had just ignored him from the beginning, he would find himself with no platform and no motive for doing the shit he does, since it is the attention that drives him.

  2. Nigel Craddock February 7, 2015 at 6:14 pm - Reply

    I only wish such an idea truly worked all of the time. “No publicity is bad publicity” and all that. However, IMHO, education of others regarding these people is very important – it’s amazing how quickly folks forget or are swayed by media/Govt propaganda. The danger is we go to sleep, ignoring them whilst they build their foundations. So, on balance, I am for ‘outing’ him regardless of the publicity and ensuring folks know that this is unacceptable in a ‘civilised’ society and prosecuting him to the full thingy of the law.

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