UKIP supporters claim Ed Miliband is Muslim and will introduce sharia law – Pride’s Purge

Just when you thought UKIP had gone quiet for good, here’s Tom Pride:

UKIP supporters – in the comments section of a photograph posted on the Facebook page of UKIP candidate Michael Wrench – are claiming Labour leader Ed Miliband is a Muslim and will introduce sharia law if he becomes PM:


Yes, I know, I thought it was a joke too.

But when challenged and informed by an anti-UKIP poster that Ed Miliband is in fact Jewish – and an atheist – the UKIP supporter decided to expound on his unusual theory:


Just to clarify, as far as I know, Ed Miliband’s wife Justine Thornton isn’t a Muslim either.

Anyway, there are a few other choice comments from other UKIPPERS on the same thread…

… but you’ll have to visit Pride’s Purge to see them.

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11 thoughts on “UKIP supporters claim Ed Miliband is Muslim and will introduce sharia law – Pride’s Purge

  1. Ian

    The Republican tea party idiots tried this with Obama, fortunately the only people who believed it were fellow tea party idiots who were never in a million years going to vote for a Democrat, much less a black Democrat. Hopefully the only people who believe this are UKIP idiots (the Conservative’s tea party).

    Expect accusations of Miliband being born in Kenya any time soon…

    1. The Infamous Culex

      Miliband was born in the People’s Republic of Fitzrovia and his mother was a Kozak.

  2. Mr.Angry

    This is a bit worrying to say the least, I have spoken / telephoned several friends this day down on Stoke on Trent and tried to draw during conversation on their thought’s as to the May’s election and the parties involved.

    I was a taken back only to learn that many in Stoke are behind UKIP. I tried to place a few obstacles in the way of their views to get a further response but on the surface it appears there is a lot of UKIP support in that area !!!!!!!!!!!!

    This was ten different families I spoke with !!!!!!!!!!! God help us.

    On another note I read Hunt is following in IDS’s footsteps with holding vital reports on the NHS from the public prior to the election as no doubt they will show the Tory transparency agenda for what it is ” Corrupt” to the core.

    Ed has to do more, he can’t leave this country in the hands of the Tories there will be anarchy if this happens.

    The UK will be finished ghetto’s in the North and Banks in the capitol with a large fence erected around the M25 to keep the rif-raf out.

  3. Steve Grant

    UKIP has one person who sometimes speaks sense but the rest are the biggest bunch of losers and ignorant idiots I have ever come across.God help us all if these blinkered excuses for human beings ever came to power…..OH! YES AND ED MILLIBANDS FATHER WAS A JEW,SO I GUESS THAT MAKES HIM A ………NOW LET ME SEE…..IS IT A JEW?

  4. The Infamous Culex

    Will UKIP deport all the ‘pukis’?

    Once they’ve identified who is a ‘puki’, of course.

  5. Gazza

    Deluded UKIPPER’s = the Gift that keeps on Giving

    And he exemplifies the excelent grasp of English which is typical of the type.

    Dear God, and they want to Rule the Country? Oh wait… IDS was seriously touted as a Future UK Prime Minister… So there is hope for them… though on the evidence of this I suspect not.

  6. Gary

    Oh dear! Still, this is the truth of the matter. UKIP, and a very large section of right-wing voters use ‘Muslim’ as an accusation! They react in a similar way on discovering that Ed Milliband was born into the Jewish faith. All of the old prejudices are on show again. They never went away, they just concentrated on skin colour only for a few decades, now they’ve got the full set. Remember the big deal over the bacon sandwich? Well that’s how near the surface it is. I’ll say this, though; they’re equal opportunity antisemites, they hate Jews AND Muslims…

  7. Ath

    It is times like this I wish that I didn’t believe in universal suffrage, some people are just too stupid to be let out of the womb let alone make a choice which has even a limited effect on how the country is governed.

    How anyone could believe that Miliband is a muslim is beyond me, he is many things, a muslim is not one of them.

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