12 thoughts on “SURVEY – the Daily Mail thinks George Osborne is sexy. What do you think?

  1. Aelfy Petra Nightentity

    Thank you, after all the crap and crud I’ve been reading and hearing these last months/years,you have given me a true coffee monitor interface, I honestly can’t stop giggling. Adonis? my rear end!! ah the sheer ridiculous ideas these little weeny guys have, Once again,Thank you x

  2. Stephen Bee

    Adonis? Do me a favour..the guy fell out of a tree and got hit by the ugly stick on the way down… He’s a friggin creep too..Smarmy git!

  3. beastrabban

    This reminds me of Private Eye’s review of Olga Maitland’s biography of Margaret Thatcher. They went through it listing the various factual inaccuracies, like ‘only three years out this time – not bad’. When they came to the statement ‘Mark Thatcher is handsome’ they simply said ‘come off it’.

  4. sheila scoular

    He has the head and face of a blithering idiot, which I could never tire of punching and the biggest arse in the HoC, which is why he rarely takes his jacket off!

  5. henry gibbons

    hehehhehh only sum one blind wood say that about G Osborne as look like he off head

  6. Joseph Smith

    No, he’s just a clown minus the red nose and big shoes.add in incompetent wealthy idiot and expense fraudster and your closer to the truth

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