13 thoughts on “Extraordinary online spat between UK and Isle of Man governments over independence

    1. Richard McHarg

      That has to be the understatement of the century, Graham! The UK Government’s leaflet is as awful as it is insulting.

      The assertion from a failed state that Scotland is likely to be a failing state, is, as Johann might say, astonishing!

      I’m now wondering if this pamphlet comes under the spending limits set for the referendum, and has the UK Government declared itself an active participant?

  1. Methusalada

    Could it be that PM David Cameron is running out of friends & allies at home & abroad. He still has Rupert Murdoch as a staunch ally , though I am not to sure about many within his own Bullingdon Party. Isn’t life strange !

      1. James

        Goodbye – Farewell – Auf wiedersehen – Adieu – So long and thanks for all the fish.

  2. Harry

    I had always thought that the UK is, like DC, a corporation. UK Corp is the City of London, run from St James Place, with a branch office in westminster called Parliament.

  3. mia C

    Leave IOM alone.It doesn’t need / want interference from Brit Establishment. It’s a fine example of a wee country/Island,that’s doin just fine.

  4. Tom Lomax

    I have lost count of the number of people who think we “the Isle of Man” is the Isle of Wight ? so one more mix up stating that we are part of the UK, this coming from The UK Government itself doesn’t surprise me at all.!
    So much for the UK Education system, geography not important then ?

  5. jaypot2012

    *rolls eyes* – If we get the Independence (please let us gain it) then will they redraw the map with a line going through the borders?
    Good on the Isle of Man – you can see what their opinion is of the government here.

  6. Gergs

    Let’s be honest, considering you sit between two large UK land masses, use the pound, drive on the left and speak English – in fact, enjoy pretty much every privilege of being British, it’s not surprising that everyone on the mainland treats you as no different. In fact, that’s what you want, you want to be exactly the same as the British, while reserving the right to say ‘but I’m not actually with you’. It reminds me of the spoilt teenager who claims independence because they live in their parents basement but keeps going upstairs to get their laundry done and lives under the shelter of their parents heating, light, electricity etc.

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