8 thoughts on “Hacking trial: what did Cameron really know?

  1. Matthew Aldridge

    Isn’t it strange that at the last general election Cameron seemed to be always one step ahead of Brown throughout his election campaign? Just a thought….

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  3. Kerry Davies

    The conspiracist in me believes that Cameron deliberately sabotaged the second set of charges against Coulson because they carried a far heavier sentence than the hacking charges and Coulson promised to reveal all if he did not.

    We now know that even if Coulson was an exception on DV, to predecessors and those following, the fact that his deputy was DV vetted makes it inevitable that he was given exemptions because of the things that DV would have revealed.

    I think that at least some of the 200 plus being taken to trial will spill the beans over the next two years and this has a long long way to run yet.

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