Stephen Bubb’s review coincides with a report by the RCN which also says that people with learning disabilities are being failed, party due to cuts to staff numbers [Image: Graham Turner for the Guardian].

There is little chance of this happening under a Conservative government.

The Tories have hounded the vulnerable, ever since they got back into office in 2010.

A learning disabilities commissioner should be appointed to protect the rights of vulnerable people in England, a report into the Winterbourne View scandal has recommended.

Five years on from the Panorama programme detailing abuse at a private hospital near Bristol, Stephen Bubb, the author of the report into the incident, said the system still cannot be trusted to care for people with learning disabilities.

“Just as a children’s commissioner was established following the Climbié inquiry, there is a firm argument for establishing this post,” he said. “It would have a statutory duty to promote and protect the rights of all people with learning disabilities and their families.”

Source: Appoint individual to protect rights of the vulnerable, report suggests | Society | The Guardian