Remember when Vox Political told you the new political party would be Blairite? Well…

Euan Blair: Like father, like son?

Not only is the new so-called centrist party being set up by LoveFilm founder Simon Franks Blairite in attitude – it appears to have the support of Tony Blair and the membership of his son Euan.

This presents a problem for the Labour Party as no member may support another political organisation. People have been expelled for such behaviour.

But Tony Blair is a former party leader. His removal would attract exactly the wrong kind of publicity, right before the local elections in May.

So Labour can afford to wait a couple of months. This new party doesn’t even have a name yet, so there’s absolutely no reason to be hasty.

Britain’s nascent centrist party has said it has links to Tony Blair and his son Euan as it seeks to win over potential recruits, the Guardian has been told.

Simon Franks, who founded the LoveFilm movie-streaming business, has been working for more than a year with former Labour donors and senior members to create an organisation that could back candidates in a future general election.

The Observer revealed on Sunday that Franks established Project One Movement UK Ltd last summer and the company is expected to be a vehicle for the new party.

One person who was approached to join the fledgling organisation was told Euan Blair was on its board, and his father, the former Labour prime minister, had been helpful in recommending potential donors. Other sources confirmed Euan Blair’s name had been associated with the project.

The 34-year-old runs a tech startup, WhiteHat, which helps to recruit and place apprentices. He did not respond to requests for a statement.

Source: Fledgling centrist party claims to have links to Tony Blair and son | Politics | The Guardian

5 thoughts on “Remember when Vox Political told you the new political party would be Blairite? Well…

  1. aunty1960

    Wont Watch this SPACE

    I think Blair thinks he has more prominence and influence than he has. He is still riding a magical golden carpet of his own importance. If other people and interests did not hold him up he would be nothing by now

    A bit like a aged Boy from a BoyBand who cannot quite believe he did not have any specialness or power or position if a svengali and a well machined possie of PR was not there.

    Sorry Blair, you are talentless, About time somebody told you.

    Someone pull the trapdoor.

  2. Pat Sheehan

    Ah, these ‘political families’: they think politics is in their blood: a ‘gift from ‘god’: bit like royalty! I think not!

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