4 thoughts on “Hypocrite of the Year Award 2014 already won by heartless landlords Fergus and Judith Wilson

  1. Andrew March

    I hope these heartless twats go bankrupt. I hope every single one of thier evictees take them through the whole legal process to evict them and it costs the Wilsons a fortune.

    Scum like this deserve to see what it is like to live at the other end of the economic spectrum.

  2. Joanne Rankin

    Is this Hitler in a modern day suit?….Shame on him for the unnecessary,and cruel eviction of his poorest and most vulnerable tenants!..Mr and Mrs Wilson are nothing more than a bunch of bully-boy cretins!..[being polite here]…And judging by their track record..the biggest hypocrites on the block! What a lovely couple…lets hope they spend their golden years in a garden full of thorns and,god willing,they both fall head first, onto a couple of upturned garden forks!!!

  3. r burnley

    I take some small comfort from the fact that these disgusting humanoids, who have added nothing of real value to the world, have the faces they deserve

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