1 thought on “Prince’s Trust Reports Despair Amongst The Young And Thinks Workfare Is The Answer

  1. jaypot2012

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    This is so very wrong – has this actually been run past Prince Charles? Or indeed any royal?

    All this is going to do is push youngsters deeper and deeper into despair, lose jobs to those who are paid already to make way for these new slaves, and to make these youngsters think that they are worth nothing.

    I hope that someone out there can write a decent letter so that many thousands of us can ask the Prince to stop this and to point out that this IS slavery. How is anyone who is under 25 going to get on in this world whilst stocking shelves? It’s a damned disgrace!

    If anyone is good with writing letters could you please write one and then share it with me, bloggers, facebook and twitter so that we can all send it to the Prince – or start a petition?

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