Typical Tory logic: money for water to use against protesters but not to put out fires

Here’s all the proof you need about the Tories’ attitude to people. When they say they’re the party of freedom, it’s freedom for the rich, from responsibility for the people who made their wealth. For everybody else, it’s repression all the way – ranging from starving people of necessities like water to put out fires, to ensuring that the privileged have the ammunition to put down the masses if their policies create civil unrest.

5 thoughts on “Typical Tory logic: money for water to use against protesters but not to put out fires

  1. Joseph Smith

    I’m afraid this typical of this shortsighted vindictive government and it’s Fascist ideals and policies. Wonder what American tourists will think if they thought their safety was impaired because of government cutbacks. I also wonder what the terrorists think of this, it must make it more tempting to embark on some activity because the end result would be significantly greater carnage. In reality, I doubt if the blonde Blob has the wit to think of this. Not unnaturally he will have ensured his fat useless arse is well covered. If any thing does happen, you can bet your goolies it’ll be the local management who carry the can. Boris will be hogging the media demanding investigation by committee followed by heads. What a fat useless piece of dog excreta.

    1. Joseph Smith

      It’s hard to determine what they want, however, history has taught us that Hitler and his Fascist mob got off to a slow start. This lot are roughly where Germany was between 1925/30 then Hitler tricked his way in to power via a semi coalition (looks familiar) he then spent several years murdering anyone who stood in his way (including supporters who were also seen as competition) only the absolute disciples got jobs. (IDS?). I don’t think camoron could get away with that level of extremism. But there’s more than one way to skin a cat, you don’t have actually shoot, or knife, them to kill them, you can make them feel so worthless and stop their support they will believe suicide is their sole and only solution. And that’s happening NOW. Get rid of these scum!

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