DWP blames cancer patient for her illness

To answer the question: Yes – the DWP does indeed try to blame patients for their own illnesses. Either they aren’t real and the patient has made them up, or the patient has done something to make themselves ill – it’s all part of the push to blame the claimant for their condition and pretend they can do something about it, rather than pay them the benefit that is due to them. In the long term, the aim is to get us all buying insurance policies from the same company that is currently advising the DWP on its policy – policies that will be judged by the same criteria and will therefore, most likely, be utterly worthless.

5 thoughts on “DWP blames cancer patient for her illness

  1. Leoni Al-ajeel

    I am in shock is there no end to what they will say and do, so they do not have to pay ESA or disability to people. Why is this happening has everyone gone mad in this country or are they just all evil callous monsters. How do these people live with themselves, it is beyond belief. Hang your heads in shame you disgust me.

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