1 thought on “DWP Using Workfare Staff To Promote Workfare

  1. Simon Mountford

    What I hate the most is all the discrimination that seems to be more common since the recession, were companies are not listening or taking disabled people’s needs and consideration due to the management not letting support get into place. They use hidden discrimination by the use of H R and Occupational Health to see you removed from you place of employment. They also fast track you out not allowing the support to be put into place, and this happens in both public organisations like the N H S like in Staffordshire, Were they cannot wait to get rid of personnel from there positions to cut back on cost but are more interested in meeting targets.All I want is continuity of employment and to work of an even playing field so that I can achieve some job satisfaction. Because I have had over 33 jobs in 25 years so this is not good to write home about and most of this is down to employers not keeping you on or wanting to put support into place even though you divulge your disability to them and some hold the two tick symbol. 

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