2 thoughts on “A random CIF commenter nails it on Tory welfare lies

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  2. Chris Tandy

    “…The real beneficiaries are the very rich, who no longer have to pay for services they never used anyway.” ~~Jack Jazz.
    The very rich never used these services, eh? Did not the up and coming millionaire named David Cameron claim for every benefit possible for his late son Ivan?
    Did not the power-greedy Duncan Smith claim for all manner of ‘handouts’ , including ‘sick pay’ for a year, whilst his wife had cancer treatment? They were hardly ‘on the breadline’….
    These are two at the top of the feudal dunghill, and I would guess there are other lesser wealthy persons who are not suffering due to faux-austerity, who are not above ‘scrounging’ the benefits that they may, technically, have a right to claim.

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