National Campaign Against ATOS

I’m reblogging this for the video by Anonymous, which features footage of real people who have been affected by the (as I call them) Atos deaths. My brother (the Beast) also helpfully provides details of the Bristol event.
I’d like to keep putting out details of events across the country in the run-up to the day itself (although I won’t be writing any more personally). Anyone wanting me to reblog articles about their events, please let me know the web address and I’ll try to publicise them.

5 thoughts on “National Campaign Against ATOS

  1. Thomas M

    I entirely despise ATOS. Whilst obviously there are a few fraudsters around, a few extra fraud teams would be able to bring them to trial without hurting the innocent.

  2. hopsail

    Locally, we are politically meek. I’ve spent WEEKS trying to get people to support this protest, but the (currently) unaffected aren’t interested. Without inspirational leadership, our protest will AGAIN be half-arsed and all about a small grumpy cluster of usual suspects with placards and slogans. Zzzzzzzz…..

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  4. jaypot2012

    Well I’m going to the protest in Dundee, Scotland. I hope that Anonymous can cause damage on the inside whilst we protest peacefully outside!
    I know it’s going to be hard to get people to come, but we have to try.
    I’m sick to death of this all happening and us letting it happen! There is no fight anymore, the people couldn’t give a stuff about anything that goes on, and they won’t do anything that involves them leaving their tv’s, computers etc. The people of this country are cowards – that doesn’t mean that we all have to be.
    All I know for certain is that if I am the person who ends up with nothing, then I’ll have nothing else to lose, and I won’t go alone!!

  5. boots

    That’s the trouble with the people in this country full of I’m alright jacks the trouble is we have to stick together that’s how this rubbish government is able to get away with it just picking on the weak, the ones that cannot fight back but you never know when it’s your turn to be amongst the weak that’s why I will be trying to get to as many demos as possible despite the fact I am not affected but who knows if my grandchildren might be in the future so I am going to do what I can we all know it’s not right what ATOS is doing especially when you think how many tax evaders are getting away with fiddling the tax but have the blessing of this government why can we not spend as much time on chasing tax evasion.???

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