6 thoughts on “Unfairly knocked of ESA Sickness Benefit?…….

  1. Joseph Smith

    I’ve just had the misfortune of watching Alan Beith posturing on BBC TV about sanctions, he strenousley defended the governments position on benefit sanctions, what a change in a persons opinion being part of the government and a Knighthood does for a sea change in one’s opinions. Seems to me being a malleable turncoat is a pre- requisite for being an MP and government member these days.

  2. amnesiaclinic

    Thanks, Mike.

    The more we share these horror stories the more courage we will have and will and determination to bring a stop to all this cruel nonsense.


  3. AL

    CPAG(Child Poverty Action Group) had a bit on it saying they needed someone who had lost their entitilment to ESA on account of contributions but didn’t qualify on account of savings or partners income ect. They are wanting to do a test case to see if this cut was lawfull. When we paid in, we expected to recieve benefit until we recovered. That was the contract. Now it is changed and we are not working so can’t apply to have additional insurance. It needs to go to european court or somewhere. If anyone qualifies and is up for it CPAG want to know.

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