4 thoughts on “Stalin, Ian Duncan Smith and Terror as Corporate Management Technique

  1. Joseph Smith

    The fact that there are very close similarities in technique, audacity, self protectionism, bullying, the states complicity, lies, I believe smith is a hard line Fascist, he possesses the uncaring ability to persue a goal regardless of the damage done to individuals and their family and friends. And the fanatical belief in flawed incorrect claims which claim to be nationally beneficial. It’s scary the similarity between the two and their almost manic persuit of ambition and personal conquest regardless of consequence. Smith needs to be stopped and needs to be made to suffer for his crimes against humanity. It needs to happen very soon.

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  4. dispise the biggest sponger going george dumped in shit

    signed off jsa yesterday not even one month into the claim !!!! sanction galore, i have now re applied for esa at a cost of at least 400 quid to process not including my gp’s time!!! should not of been c***s in the 1st place should of just paid me my 71 quid a week i failed a jobseekers direction to open an universal jobs scam account. i did so just under an alias, the jobseekers direction never stated that, it just said make an account… still f***ing sanctioned! also told my appointment with my adviser will be done in a private room within the job centre!! also a manager present!!! twice she said ”why don’t you sign off ” them words from my supposed job adviser.. not very good is it telling me to sign off?? was also asked if i am filming it! i just said your going on youtube! and left

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