6 thoughts on “Dear Mr Miliband…

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  2. michaelt100

    A brilliant posting. I’ve been saying the same since Thatcher in the 80’s. Cameron is using the deficit as a cover to reduce the State and get rid of welfare because the right wingTory’s have an inherent loathing of both.

  3. Barry Davies

    Michael Poulter has always been a voice of reason whether you support his personal politics or not, this letter needs to be out there in the public domain but the media is hardly likely to publish this as it would show that they were just toeing the government line as is the norm over the last 3 decades.

  4. Mr jeffrey l davies

    ossie and his mate carney fiddling the booksfiddling the figures yet the rich get richer only in the motor news high end car sales being buoyant yes the rich spending their ill goten gains while we go without

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